Death of Kenya’s Elephant Satao- Dies at the Hands of Poachers

African Wildlife Foundation
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 From African Wildlife Foundation:
In Memory of Satao
 Poachers Must Be Stopped
  In Memory of Satao One of Kenya’s oldest elephants, Satao, a 45-year-old bull recently succumbed to poaching. Targeted for his enormous tusks, which could be seen even by aerial patrol, the iconic elephant was a symbol of hope for the world’s remaining elephants. “Satao was one of us…Kenyan,” says African Wildlife Foundation’s senior director of conservation science, Dr. Philip Muruthi. Satao had survived a previous attempt on his life by poachers, but was not so lucky when the poisoned arrow pierced his side this time. “In a matter of minutes, and with nothing more than spears and arrows, a magnificent 6-ton being can be wiped out forever,” says Muruthi. Inspired by Satao’s memory, and to help AWF enhance critical anti-poaching efforts, a pair of generous AWF donors has set up a $20,000 matching gift challenge—and they’re inviting you to join them.

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