2016 Audubon Connecticut Annual Conservation Report

News from The Nest – December 2016


As the year-end comes into focus,
I can see the challenges that lie ahead for Audubon. But, we are strengthened in our resolve by the conservation results we achieved in 2016. From Connecticut shores to forests to urban neighborhoods, the Audubon Connecticut community helped to protect birds and nature through on-the-ground science, conservation, environmental education, and policy initiatives.
Please take a moment to see for yourself and view the 2016 Audubon Connecticut Annual Conservation Report, which provides a snapshot of this past year’s conservation accomplishments.

I thank you for your shared dedication to nature. These are not just Audubon’s accomplishments, they are also yours.

Please consider making a year-end gift to Audubon today. Your gift will continue to bring conservation and sustainability to new audiences, helping birds thrive and people prosper.
Warm wishes to you this season!
Stewart J. Hudson
Executive Director & Vice President
Audubon Connecticut
P.S. Check out the 12 Great Places for Winter Birding & Hiking in this month’s newsletter and enjoy!

2016 Annual Conservation Report
Thanks to the tremendous support of Audubon supporters, volunteers, and partners like you, we made great strides in conservation in 2016.
We are working together to build a bright future for the birds, other wildlife, and people of Connecticut.

Citizen Science is as Easy as 1-2-3

Christmas Bird Count by Camilla Cerea
Christmas Bird Count. Photo: Camilla Cerea
2016 marks the 117th year of the longest running Citizen Science project in the world–the Audubon Christmas Bird Count (CBC). Connecticut counts will take place from December 17 thru January 2. Each count is located in a 15-mile-wide circle and is organized by a count compiler who submits the data to Audubon.
The data collected over the past century allows Audubon researchers, conservation biologists, wildlife agencies, and other interested individuals to study the long-term health and status of bird populations and our climate across North America as well as where we live within the Atlantic Flyway.
The CBC is a fun activity for school children, seniors, and everyone in between. Want to make a difference through science? Become a Citizen Scientist and join the Christmas Bird Count!

WildLife Guards Program Receives $35,000

WildLifeGuards learn about native plants Photo by Scott Kruitbosch
WildLife Guards learn about native plants along the shore.
Photo: Scott Kruitbosch
In an announcement made by top federal and state environmental officials in November, Audubon Connecticut was honored to be one of 25 grant award recipients of the Long Island Sound Futures Fund (LISFF)–with a generous matching grant of $35,000 going towards the Audubon WildLife Guards (WLG), a coastal stewardship and youth conservation training program. This award will allow the WLGs to advance the stewardship efforts at Pleasure Beach in Bridgeport, Connecticut, with the goal of helping people, Piping Plovers, and Least Terns to successfully coexist on the beach.


Northern Cardinal by Garrett Gormley
Northern Cardinal. Photo: Garrett Gormley
Northern Cardinal
If you head out for the Audubon Christmas Bird Count, there is a good chance you’ll see this species. Northern Cardinals are year-round residents in Connecticut and commonly seen in inhabited areas such as backyards and parks. They nest in dense tangles of shrubs and vines and forage on or near the ground. Cardinals readily come to bird feeders, where they favor sunflower seeds.
Male Northern Cardinals are easy to spot with their bright red feathers, while females may not be noticed as quickly with their pale brown feathers tinged with red.


Song Sparrow by Michele Black
Song Sparrow. Photo: Michele Black

December 1 thru 31

Shopping is for the Birds
At New Morning Market (Woodbury),
10% of their December profits will be donated to the Audubon Center Bent of the River.
Christmas Bird Count (CBC)
Saturday, December 17
Woodbury-Roxbury – CBC
For more details and to sign-up, contact

Sunday, December 18
Greenwich & Stamford – CBC
For more details and to sign-up, contact Ted Gilman.
Sunday, December 18
Quinnipiac Valley – CBC
For more details and to sign-up, contact Corrie Folsom-O’Keefe.

View full CBC schedule

12 Great Places for Winter Birding & Hiking

Looking for a place to work off that holiday feast? Want to enjoy some winter birding in the coming months? Grab your hat and mittens, and check out these great places to visit throughout Connecticut, most of which are (or are part of) a recognized Important Bird Area.
The coast is typically where you want to bird in the winter. Long Island Sound is a great place to view overwintering waterfowl. At locations farther inland, keep an eye out for grosbeaks, winter finches, and Rusty Blackbirds (a species of global concern). For added fun, keep track of what you see and report it to eBird.
  1. Audubon Greenwich (Greenwich)
  2. Audubon Sharon & Miles Wildlife Sanctuary (Sharon)
  3. Barnard Nature Center at West River Memorial Park (New Haven)
  4. Cove Island Park (Stamford)
  5. Greenwich Point Park (Greenwich)
  6. Guilford Salt Meadows Sanctuary (Guilford)
  7. Hammonasset Beach State Park (Madison)
  8. Mamacoke Island (Waterford)
  9. Silver Sands State Park and Charles Island (Milford)
  10. Stratford Point (Stratford)
  11. White Memorial Conservation Center (Litchfield)


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Audubon Connecticut is a state office of the National Audubon Society and contributes to Audubon’s efforts along the Atlantic Flyway. Our mission is to conserve and restore natural ecosystems, focusing on birds, other wildlife, and their habitats for the benefit of humanity and the earth’s biological diversity. We advance our mission through education, research, advocacy, and land protection at our centers, sanctuaries, and throughout the state.
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