900 Dolphins Found Dead in Gulf of Mexico [Oil Spill]

Since the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, more than 900 dead dolphins have been found in the oil spill area.

But, BP has been spreading misinformation from the first days of the spill—from trying to keep reporters away from oiled dead dolphins to trying to hide the massive amount of oil gushing from the Deepwater Horizon site. Now the oil giant’s campaign of misinformation is in high gear.

Incredibly, this week BP is denying the science of even the most basic oil impacts on wildlife and attacking the National Wildlife Federation for taking reporters into the disaster zone!

Please donate today to stand up for dolphins against BP.

Studies have shown that dolphins in a heavily-oiled section of the Louisiana coast have lung damage, immune system problems, and their teeth are falling out. Scientists from the National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration have determined there is strong evidence that BP’s oil is what is making these dolphins so sick.

And now, just days after the National Wildlife Federation published a report looking at how fourteen species are still suffering four years into the oil disaster, BP is dramatically escalating its misinformation campaign. BP is telling reporters there’s no real evidence that dolphins were affected by the oil, and instead has chosen to downplay the science and attack the messengers.

It is up to committed, caring wildlife advocates like you to help fight back for dolphins—and stop BP from hiding the horrible harm they’ve caused.

Make a generous donation today to help stand up against BP and safeguard at-risk wildlife.

With your help, we can stand up for dolphins, and ensure that BP pays every penny needed to restore sensitive wildlife habitat in the waters, shorelines, bays and estuaries of the Gulf from all the damage it caused.

Together, we can rally hundreds of thousands of wildlife advocates across the country who care about Gulf wildlife and pressure the U.S. Secretary of Commerce to make sure wildlife habitat in the Gulf of Mexico is fully restored.

Our work is not over until BP is held fully accountable for its negligence, and we have done everything that can be done to maximize the amount of BP penalties spent on Gulf research and restoration.

Please donate today to help protect dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico from the harm caused by BP.

Thanks for all you do to protect wildlife.

AndyAndy Buchsbaum
Interim Executive Director, NWF Action Fund
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