About Companion Animal Protection Society (CAPS): Founded in 1992

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CAPS Investigator’s Journal: The Hurliman Puppy Mill

I can always hear the barking as I approach. The closer I get, the more I can smell it and the more I dread what’s coming. Then I round the corner, and the cages appear. I know what to expect, but it never makes the sight less gut-wrenching. It’s a puppy mill — filled with terrified, filthy dogs, crammed into tiny pens, mass-producing puppies for the pet shop industry.

This particular investigation for CAPS took me to the Oklahoma puppy mill where Jake, the loving and sweet Cavalier King Charles from Jake’s Bucket List, spent his first six years – suffering. I was at Dwayne Hurliman’s puppy mill.

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Click image to view “Jake’s Bucket List,” the heartbreaking (and heartwarming) story of Jake, a dog who spent six years living in Dwayne Hurliman’s puppy mill.

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About Companion Animal Protection Society (CAPS): Founded in 1992, the Companion Animal Protection Society (CAPS) is the only national nonprofit dedicated exclusively to protecting companion animals from cruelty in pet shop and puppy/kitten mills. CAPS addresses animal suffering through investigations, legislation, education, media relations, consumer assistance, and rescue. Donations to CAPS, a registered 501(c)(3) organization, are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by U.S. law.

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