African Wildlife Foundation 2016 Awareness


African Wildlife Foundation
I'd thank you myself if I could
 your support of AWF has accomplished more than you know.


Raised our voices
Nearly 30,000 of AWF’s passionate advocates sent messages to their U.S. Senators urging them to approve the END Wildlife Trafficking Act and the U.S. government passed the bill in September.
Put more sniffer dogs on the job
Nearly every day, these hard working pups bust smugglers as they try to sneak ivory and other wildlife contraband to market. They’ve already seized 39 major shipments in the last year alone.
Saw the price of ivory drop 25%
Our consumer awareness campaign has made ivory less desirable – cutting into poachers’ profits. And many governments have burned their ivory stockpiles.
Put gorillas before big oil
More than 39,000 people signed our petition to oppose oil drilling in already threatened mountain gorilla habitat.
Brought water to rhinos
Our project at the Ngulia Rhino Sanctuary in Kenya installed solar-powered pumps at key watering holes. Now rhinos won’t search for water in unsafe areas.
Of course, our job isn't done...
Not while elephants still fall to poachers’ bullets, not while black rhinos are critically endangered, not while gorilla habitat is threatened by developers.

That’s why we’re so thankful to have you at our side! Together, we’ll never stop protecting Africa’s beloved species.

This holiday, as you gather with your friends and family, know that Africa’s wildlife is grateful to you.

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Photos courtesy of Keith & Colleen Begg, AWF, Cheryl-Samantha Owen, Jef Dupain and Ashwati Vipin



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