African Wildlife Foundation. Will you take a stand?


It’s Endangered Species Day. Will you take a stand?


Your gift. Doubled.
We need to reach our goal before it’s too late.
We’re within $10,000 of our $50,000 goal. Will you be the one to get us there?As of today — Endangered Species Day — Africa’s most iconic species are in more danger than ever before. If we don’t act now… in a few years, there may not be any animals left to save. This is precisely why your support today is so vital to the future of Africa’s endangered wildlife.Please make your most generous gift now and help secure critical resources for programs that are proven effective in saving Africa’s wildlife from certain death.An anonymous donor generously challenged us to this match — it’s up to us to rise to the occasion. Please don’t stand by while poachers close in on the wildlife we treasure. Double your support while you still can.




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