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In spite of all that’s happened in the last several weeks, one thing hasn’t changed: I’m thankful for you.

Your efforts have brought incredible protections for Alaska’s wild lands and waters, and shined a national spotlight on their value to every American.

In gratitude, I wanted to share this video with you.

Thank you video screenshot

I’m thankful for other things as well – and that gratitude will keep me charged up for the fight ahead. Because I’ve seen what folks like you have accomplished under other pro-drilling administrations, and what you have done this year alone.

Last week, President Obama removed Arctic Ocean lease sales from his 5-year-plan. Earlier in the year, Shell, Conoco Phillips, and other oil companies abandoned $2.5 billion of Arctic drilling rights. And, also this year, Congress had an inaugural vote on Arctic Refuge Wilderness, and more co-sponsors than ever have signed onto Refuge Wilderness legislation.

There’s more.

  • You shared more than 1.8 million comments favoring Arctic Refuge protections. We showcased them during hundreds of congressional office visits.
  • Our base in Alaska has been more active than ever in speaking up for the Arctic. Advocates have flown to DC several times to speak to the White House and Congress.
  • You engaged hundreds of kids in Arctic activities through our Educator Network.
  • You stood with more than 100 retail companies, hundreds of thousands of thousands of people of faith, veterans, and Native American advocates in favor of Arctic Refuge protections.
  • During Wilderness Week folks like you came from across the country to connect with your elected officials in DC about the lands and waters in Alaska you want protected.

You made this possible!

Thank you and have a wild and wonderful holiday,

Executive Director

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