All Animals Can Learn Words and Feel Emotions

By Jack Ovak
All animals can learn words and feel emotions. After taking a class in primate behavior in college, I decided to teach my dog as many words as I could possibly think of. My Belgium shepherd leaned not only words but knew sentences. If I said squirrel, it did not mean anything to him. When I said do you want to get a squirrel he would jump with excitement.
He understood what love meant too. This was not just a word but an emotion which he knew well.
I tested him with other words too. He would not react to just a word unless I used it in a sentence.
One time I was in my room talking to my wife and not knowing my dog was outside the door listening to our conversation. As I asked my dog with what she wanted to do. Saying do you want to take I ride out to the beach, my dog went crazy!!! I started a note book of all the words he knew and I could not believe the amount of language he understood.
Recently, I drove onto a ramp to the highway and I frightened a buck that ran up to the guardrail and was about to jump into the highway. I stopped my car and said it’s OK, don’t go over there in a calm voice and the deer looked at me. I said come down it’s OK and the deer understood. I realized that this deer was in an area that was very populated with people and may have had other human contact. The deer did exactly what I told him to! This animal understood both language and my emotion. Animals are very much smarter than people realize.

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