America’s Most Endangered Rivers 2018

America’s Most Endangered Rivers of 2018®

In our many years of issuing the America’s Most Endangered Rivers report, we’ve seldom seen a collection of threats this severe, or an administration so bent on undermining and reversing protections for clean water, rivers and public health. Will you stand with us? Take action for America’s Most Endangered Rivers of 2018 today.

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This Year’s List: What’s at Stake?Bristol Bay. The Boundary Waters. The Lower Rio Grande. America’s Most Endangered Rivers of 2018 is a snapshot of some of our nation’s most beloved and iconic rivers in the crosshairs. Get the scoop on this year’s top ten »
“Godawful, Cockamamie”Mississippi’s Big Sunflower River is America’s Most Endangered River because of the proposed Yazoo Pumps project — a project so bad that a former Secretary of the Interior called it “godawful” and “cockamamie.” See why »
“Before it’s a border, it’s a river”River guide Austin Alvarado reminds us that “before it’s a border, it’s a river.” Learn why the threat of the border wall put the Lower Rio Grande on the list of America’s Most Endangered Rivers of 2018 »

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