Animal Intelligence – The City University of NY – May 30, 2015

From United Poultry Concerns


Animal Intelligence and its Implications for the Left

A Left Forum Panel

Challenging the Left’s glaring indifference toward nonhuman animals, our panel seeks to explode the myth of human cognitive superiority by examining animal intelligence through analysis and anecdote. That human intelligence is superior to animal intelligence, that animals do not reason, do not deliberate, that they lack any true language and communicate mostly by grunts or cries, navigating blindly by a faculty we call “instinct”—these are examples of commonly held tenets the refutation of which would in principle—as our panel hopes to—knock out a crucial portion of anthropocentric prejudice.

Karen Davis will discuss “Seven Earthly Reasons Why Social Justice Advocacy Should Include Birds”

2015 Left Forum


Karen Davis, PhD – Founder and President of United Poultry Concerns
Josephine Donovan, PhD – Professor Emerita, University of Maine
Vasile Stanescu, PhD – Co-Sr. Editor, Critical Animal Studies Book Series (Brill)
Joan Harrison, PhD – Independent Advocate for Animals and Panel Chair
When: Saturday May 30th,   10:00am – 11:50am
Where: Room 1.90 at John Jay College of Criminal Justice
The City University of New York
524 West 59th st,
New York, NY 10019

Please join us!

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