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Introduction by Jean Furs

Our Society needs strong leadership that prohibits the abuses of our innocent victims whether that be animals or humans. The time has come for this type of behavior to stop.  Our laws are not strong enough, our punishments are not taken seriously and human beings are not taught that its wrong to hurt another living creature. IT’S WRONG TO HURT OTHER SPECIES. IT’S WRONG TO ALLOW ANIMALS OR HUMANS TO BE HURT BY IGNORANT HUMANS.

Stephen Wells, Executive Director 

Preston Odle and Levi Evans of Dresden Tennessee tortured a puppy for “fun.” The puppy died after four hours of suffering. Their punishment was two years of probation and 200 hours of community service.

Robert Kyte of Burbank, South Dakota beat his neighbor’s dog to death with a hammer. Kyte’s punishment: one year of probation and about $2,500 in fines.

It is time to tell our elected officials when it comes to animal cruelty: Abuse an Animal – Go to Jail ™

All 50 states and the District of Columbia now classify certain animal cruelty crimes as felonies – that’s almost eight times the number of states that had felony provisions two decades ago.

But even though the Animal Legal Defense Fund’s work has resulted in stronger laws, improvements are still needed. That is why together, we must ensure that animal abusers get the aggressive sentences they deserve.

For example: ALDF regularly works with prosecutors from across the country to ensure animal abusers pay for their crimes with a potent combination of jail time, fines, psychiatric treatment, supervised probation, and most important, bans on animal ownership. That’s how we help ensure that the punishment will not only begin to fit the crime – it will protect animals from further abuse, and it will deter other potential abusers from harming animals.

In addition, the Animal Legal Defense Fund’s grassroots campaigns play a critical role in the defense of animals by shining the light of public scrutiny on animal abuse cases. To ensure that officials recognize the importance of animal abuse cases in their jurisdictions, we will mobilize concerned citizens to urge prosecutors and / or judges to take specific actions, such as deny bail, impose appropriate sentencing, or confiscate animals.

Your help is greatly needed; thank you for any help you can offer.


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