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Rhamba and Bawari
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Peter the bullock spent years being forced to plod in small circles, day after day, turning a wheel that crushed sugarcane into juice on the road to Shirdi—a popular tourist destination in India. Thanks to the help of a generous donor, Peter’s now free from that awful contraption and living safely at Animal Rahat’s new sanctuary, never again to feel the weight of a yoke on his neck or a rope through his nose.

As an Animal Rahat supporter, you know about the tremendous difference that we make for working animals who suffer every single day as Peter did.

Now there’s a unique opportunity to strengthen our vital work for animals in India: by becoming a founding supporter of Animal Rahat’s brand-new sanctuary.

Animal Rahat has purchased 10 acres of land to turn into a sanctuary for Peter and other former “beasts of burden.” It’s a beautiful haven in the state of Maharashtra that will allow 50 or more bullocks and other animals to retire in peace after years of drudgery, pain, abuse, malnutrition, and neglect. But completing the sanctuary and providing its animal residents with the long-term care that they need depends on your help and that of other caring donors who share your compassion for India’s hard-working animals.

As a founding supporter of the new sanctuary, you’ll be among those who are helping us get this wonderful new facility off the ground and provide some of the most abused animals on Earth with the tranquility and security that they’ve been denied.

Your generous support can change the life of a donkey like Rhamba. Before her rescue, Rhamba was overloaded with piles of bricks at a kiln where temperatures can reach more than 122 degrees Fahrenheit. Her days were spent hauling tremendously heavy loads through overpowering heat, with no shade to rest in—in fact, no rest at all and not a drop of water to drink. To make matters worse, Rhamba was pregnant. But now, thanks to Animal Rahat, she has been saved from that life of grueling labor, and at the new sanctuary, her life and that of her newly born foal, Bawari, will be even better. Cool water will be plentiful, shade trees will keep them protected from the sun, and this gentle mother and her baby will never, ever be forced to carry anything or anyone on their backs.

This new sanctuary will also make a difference for other beleaguered animals who, while not forced to work, certainly still suffer greatly. These include neglected dogs who belong to no one and often have stones or even acid thrown at them. The new facilities will help Animal Rahat provide these dear animals with emergency veterinary care and sterilization surgeries that will mean that fewer pups will be born in ditches and fields, sometimes to starve almost immediately or wander into the perilous streets. A new classroom at the sanctuary will be used to grow compassion for animals among children and will allow Animal Rahat staff to hold educational meetings about proper animal care with animal guardians, law-enforcement officials, and government officials.

Through your support of Animal Rahat’s wonderful new sanctuary, you’ll have a profound impact on our team members’ work and will help them ensure that retired animals can live the rest of their days socializing, resting, and being looked after by loving caretakers.

Please give a weary animal this priceless gift by becoming a founding supporter of our new sanctuary today.

On behalf of Peter, Rhamba, Bawari, and all the other animals whose lives will directly benefit from your kindness, thank you in advance for your generous sponsorship gift.

Kind regards,

Ingrid E. Newkirk


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