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Big Money in Kansas
On the Backs of Horses
March 2018

At Animals’ Angels we take our mission seriously and we are committed to making a real difference for animals everywhere. We feel that wherever the exploitation of our fellow creatures can be found – whether it’s an auction, a feedlot, a kill buyer, or even a broker program – the truth needs to come to light.
During the course of our investigation into Jeff Smithand his slaughter horse operations this past summer, our findings also revealed serious concerns about Smith’s broker program and the rescue with which he has partnered to sell horses to the public (which, as with all our reports, is validated by photographic evidence and public documents obtained via Freedom of Information Act Requests from governmental agencies).
Greenwood Stables and Equine Rescue is a small group located in Peabody, Kansas. The rescue became a registered 501(c)3 in 2014, and according to their mission statement “rescues horses from abuse and slaughter, rehabilitates them and finds them new homes.” It didn’t take long for Greenwood Stables to team up with Kansas kill buyer Jeff Smith and they have been offering/brokering his horses via Facebook ever since, through a closed group (Greenwood Horses in Need) as well as a Facebook page called Kansas Kill Pens which employs the exact same oft-used threats such as “ships to slaughter tomorrow!” seen at so many other broker programs.
Greenwood Stables and Equine Rescue
weak fencing, merely tied together
According to the Executive Director’s (Amy Bayes), own statements, over 700 horses were “saved” in 2016 and the group, according to Ms. Bayes, charged the kill buyer $40.00 per horse for this service, which would add up to $28,000 in revenue.  However, a review of the rescue’s Form 990 shows that the sale of horses brought in significantly more than that.
According to public documents the sale of horses in 2016 brought in $347,220 in proceeds for the rescue, of which just $296,279.00 was spent to purchase these horses from the kill buyer or the occasional auction. The excess revenue of $50,941.00 was the income that remained with the rescue. A tidy sum by all accounts.

The rescue’s executive director, Ms. Bayes, is no stranger to Animals’ Angels.  In fact, prior to founding Greenwood Stables as a nonprofit, Ms. Bayes volunteered for AA for a brief period of time in 2012, attending the Hutchinson horse auction with the given task to document conditions with the clear intent of pursuing charges for any violations witnessed.
This volunteering stint was short lived, however. Her status as a volunteer with AA was terminated after Ms. Bayes refused to cooperate in filing animal cruelty complaints against the auction or the Smiths, and Ms. Bayes having observed Jeff Smith’s double deck trailer loaded with horses on both decks and choosing to not call law enforcement or even providing a signed witness statement so that AA could follow up.
Greenwood Stables and Equine Rescue
hay simply thrown on the ground, despite copious amounts of manure being present
Shortly thereafter, Ms. Bayes connected with kill buyer Jeff Smith and ultimately made the decision to “work” with him. Over the years, this relationship apparently has turned into a close friendship, as Ms. Bayes spends a great deal of personal time at Smith’s ranch, enjoying peaceful evenings there, riding a four-wheeler with her son around the property, attending Smith’s roping events, keeping at least one of her personal horses at the property, and even photographing Smith’s dog to send him the images. (evidence available upon request)
Ms. Bayes and her rescue have even held at least one “horse fair” selling horses to the general public in conjunction with Jeff Smith and his Wildcat Creek Ranch. Publicly advertised and held at Smith’s ranch, the sale offered refreshments and the prospect of over a hundred horses (including roping horses), but no mention whatsoever of adoption contracts or screening of the potential new horse owners.
Greenwood Stables and Equine Rescue

Bayes even admits to contributing in committing clear violations of the Federal Transport to Slaughter Regulations and applicable animal protection laws by allowing a horse with a broken leg to be loaded onto a trailer and shipped to slaughter.
Amy Bayes: “I have the worst job in the world. I have to go to the kill pens and DECIDE who lives and who dies. {…}… One with a broken leg limping so badly that nothing can be done, so I HAD TO GIVE THE SIGNAL to put your horse in the semi. He could barely make it up the ramp he was in so much pain…{..} …now he will travel to Mexico for over 30 hours in unimaginable pain.” 
Ms Bayes’ public posts on social media are full of praise for Jeff Smith and often show a heightened level of protectiveness regarding him. When Animals’ Angels exposé about his operation was released last year, Ms. Bayes tried her very best to defend him and declared our findings lies and falsehoods – despite the fact that all statements made in our release are supported by solid evidence.
She apparently even went so far as to fabricate incidents of “trespassing” and “animal rights activists” harassing Jeff Smith’s farm, calling it a direct result of our report. According to Ms. Bayes, a lawsuit had been filed against Animals’ Angels by Jeff Smith and the police had been notified. It should be noted that as of March 2018, no records of any court documents could be found when requested by Animals’ Angels.
Greenwood Stables and Equine Rescue
In fact, Ms. Bayes has made several claims that she has reported varying incidents to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office or to the Peabody Police Department, depending on where she is posting online or to whom she is speaking. In reality, it’s the Sheriff’s Office that has jurisdiction, not the Peabody Police Department. One would assume Ms. Bayes is well aware of this fact since she has lived at the same location for so many years. The idea that such disingenuous statements were possibly being made with a purpose is concerning.
Police reports purportedly made by Ms. Bayes include:
  • trespassers opening gates (presumably to release horses),
  • missing horses,
  • an abandoned horse who was clearly emaciated – and who just so happened to be declared “abandoned” by Ms. Bayes after our investigators were at the location obtaining photographic evidence,
  • and individuals in a “dirty blue van” gaining access to Smith’s property (who Ms. Bayes implied were “animal rights activists” apparently spurred on by AA’s report).
According to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, however, there are no complaints, reports, or calls on file for either Bayes’ address or that of Jeff Smith in 2017 at all, for any reason. (evidence available upon request)
Ms. Bayes even went so far as to contact individuals via private message, including one of our Board members, with threats.  Statements filled with blatant and frankly, outrageous lies, were broadcast on Facebook defaming Animals’ Angels and our team members. One of Greenwood Stables’ board members also waded into the fray with equally libelous statements. Having consulted with our attorneys it was determined that there are certainly substantial grounds for a solid defamation suit against Amy Bayes, Greenwood Stables, and their Board of Directors. Despite having a strong case, our own Board of Directors has decided to forego the expense of such a case – for now – as we believe both the money and time are better spent on the animals.
horse at Greenwood Stables and Equine Rescue
However, it doesn’t stop there. On September 5, 2017, a woman who sounded strangely like Amy Bayes called AA’s office from a cell phone number registered to an individual who is likely a family member, given that the name of the registered owner is “Bayes” and the location is close to the rescue’s property in Kansas. During this call, a message was left requesting an immediate investigation and giving obviously bogus information on a kill buyer in Oklahoma under the guise of an “anonymous tip.” (evidence available upon request)
Was it the hope of the caller that AA would follow up and therefore waste precious donated resources on a pointless investigation? The phone number used for the call appears to definitely be affiliated with Amy Bayes as a search for the number on Facebook results in returning ONLY Ms. Bayes’ personal page in the search results. According to Facebook’s policies, this indicates that Ms. Bayes’ page is associated with this phone number. (evidence available upon request)
In addition, there are ads placed in public forums by Amy Bayes using this phone number as a means to reach her in conjunction with proffered services at the rescue.
horses in pen with smoldering manure pile
Greenwood Stables and Equine Rescue
The bigger question in all of this is, what is the reason for this overly defensive behavior by Ms. Bayes and Greenwood Stables? One can guess…perhaps they were concerned that Jeff Smith would end his relationship with them or maybe end his broker program altogether. Perhaps Greenwood Stables and Equine Rescue is concerned about what else an investigation into their operations might uncover?
The plain fact is that when our investigators visited the location of the rescue in Peabody, which is also the Executive Director’s private residence, less than ideal conditions for the horses were observed.
Horses were kept in the same pen along with a large, smoldering manure pile. The pen ground itself was covered in a great deal of manure, and hay had simply been scattered on the ground for the horses to eat. There was also a lot of debris, empty buckets, and wooden sticks visible in the pens, posing a serious risk to the animals. The fencing, especially at the back of the property, appeared weak and merely pieced together.
horses in pen with smoldering manure pile
Greenwood Stables and Equine Rescue
This is not the first time that someone noticed less than ideal conditions for the horses on the rescue’s property. In 2015, police were called by a visitor to the rescue requesting a welfare check on the horses, apparently having had significant concerns over the condition of the animals onsite as well as the property itself during the visit. (evidence available upon request)
It is also important to note that the rescue is being charged $12,000 per year for occupancy by Ms. Bayes. Meaning, the rescue pays Ms. Bayes for the use of her property. This figure appears to be quite high given the estimated fair market value of the property is only $85,000 – $95,000 and the assessed value for 2017 was $75,300.
A closer look at Greenwood Stables and Equine Rescue’s charitable status revealed additional red flags. Regulations created to protect donors and ensure transparency, require every 501c(3) that raises funds and receives more than $50,000 in annual revenue to register in individual states. To fall under this requirement, it is not necessary to mail out solicitation appeals, simple online fundraising via social media without registration is enough to violate the regulations of multiple states. Penalties are stiff and can add up to more than $100,000 in fines if a complaint is filed.
a smoldering manure pile presents a myriad of risks to the horses trapped in the pen with it
A search of the charitable divisions of 17 states showed that apparently Greenwood Stables is not registered in any of them. Even Kansas, the rescue’s home state, has no record of active registration according to the state’s online portal (and confirmed with a Kansas Secretary of State representative) as of March 2018. Additionally, public records show that Greenwood Stables and Equine Rescue Association’s business registration was forfeited in September 2016 and was – curiously enough – only just reinstated, with the back years of 20152016, and 2017 all being filed at the same time, on November 6, 2017 … shortly after our report on Jeff Smith was released and attention was drawn to Ms. Bayes’ activities.

When a nonprofit group, especially a self-titled rescue, chooses to protect and help the very entity (and industry) they should be fighting against as per their own mission statement, and when they choose to do so by trying to discredit the work of another 501(c)3 organization by spreading deliberate lies and bullying statements, that group has crossed an ethical line that should never be crossed by any legitimate organization.
While Animals’ Angels continues our investigations, we would like to share a recommendation with all our readers and supporters:
It is imperative to conduct due diligence prior to donating to any organization, and especially when adopting or purchasing an animal of any kind to ensure you are not, in fact, funding the very industry you are fighting so hard to stop.
At Animals’ Angels, we encourage our supporters and anyone who wants to rescue a horse bound for slaughter to go to an auction and bid against the kill buyers. If that’s not possible, then the best alternative is to adopt through an established, reputable 501(c)3 rescue that dedicates their work to caring for abused and neglected horses and donkeys, not one who partners with a kill buyer.
By adopting through a reputable, dedicated rescue, you not only save the horse or donkey you take home, you save another as well. Because in turn, that spot opens up for the rescue to then take in another poor animal in need who would otherwise be left suffering, or worse, so the cycle of giving continues on and on.

As you know, slaughter-bound horses and farm animals around the country are continually subjected to horrific treatment at the hands of heartless human beings who only see them as expendable products sold for profit.
Animals’ Angels formed with the idea of fighting against these injustices – regardless of where abuse or neglect occurs. We live and breathe our mission statement.
Our investigators work tirelessly to uncover the shameful acts of cruelty committed against farm animals. These investigations shed light on the appalling abuse all too many animals must face every day and they allow us to advocate for real change. But no matter how hard we fight on behalf of the animals, we need YOUR help to succeed!
Though it is difficult to imagine how much worse it could be for these poor animals, without pictures and documentation to tell their tale, they would undoubtedly suffer even more at the hands of those who see them only as a notch in their profit margin, a “product” to exploit. The more we bring these atrocities to light and out into the open the less these individuals can hide.
Your thoughtful contribution will ensure that our work continues, people are informed, and animals are saved.

is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, so ALL donations are tax deductible. 
sonja inspecting trailer
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