Animals Feel…But Cannot Speak. They Need Your Voice

Information provided by Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

This organization wants to:

End the Use of Live Animals in Medical Training Laboratories

Two percent of medical schools still use animals in experiments  as a routine part of training. Dogs and other animals are experimented on, given drugs, and killed. 

Today, pigs – so smart their intelligence is likened to that of a 3-year-old child- have thier chest cavities opened before being bled out.

And cats {even kittens} just as soft and gentle as those who share our homes-have plastic tubes forced down their airways as often as 22 times a day!

Since PCRM started their campaign to stop the use of live animal labs in medical schools, more than 98 percent of schools have stopped using animals.  Today, they train future doctors using superior, readily available nonanimal alternatives.

Yet there are still four U.S. medical schools, including the University of Mississippi Medical Center, using live animals. And even though alternatives are available, more than 20 other facilities use animals in trauma training, pediatrics, or other training exercises- all of it unnecessary and cruel.  PCRM will not relent in their campaign until these last holdouts stop injecting, cutting, mutilating, and killing living beings who feel fear and pain just like you and I do.

Stopping Tobacco Companies from Testing on Animals

Did you know that smoking is bad for your health? Of course you did! But Big Tobacco – in its endless quest for profit- continues to perform smoking experiments on animals.

Outrageously, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration {FDA} is actually encouraging tobacco companies to do more animal testing!  These experiments involve cramming mice and rats {like Ratsky!} into tiny tubes and forcing them to breathe smoke and toxins for up to six hours every day, often until they die.

It’s enough to make your blood boil.  Like humans, mice show pain with their facial expressions-they close their eyes tightly, their noses and cheeks bulge, they draw their ears apart, and they move their whiskers.  Imagine the pained expressions on their little faces as they are crammed in those awful tubes and forced to breathe smoke for hours on end!

There is no excuse for allowing innocent animals to suffer and die just to help Big Tobacco sell products we already know are harmful to human health.

Changing the Way the U.S. Military Teaches Medical Procedures

Many people are unaware that some of the worst animal abuses in the country are being conducted by the U.S. Military.

In combat trauma training courses, legs of live goats are chopped off one by one to cause severe hemorrhaging… the live pigs have tubes and needles stuck into their chests!

These are sweet, gentle animals capable of forming strong bonds with each other and people.  Pigs have saved human caretakers. Goats mourn the deaths of herd mates.

Meanwhile, our military is slitting their throats and chopping off their legs!

It has to stop- and PCRM is leading the campaign to end the use of live animals in combat trauma training.  Please write to the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs now. Tell the U.S. military to modernize teaching methods by using more effective, cruelty-free methods in place of live animals who suffer and die.

Your Voice will be the Voice of Millions of Animals who desperately need help now.

PCRM Gets Results

We stopped the vast majority of medical schools from using animals in training exercises.

We stopped 18 pediatrics residency programs from training on cats, kittens, and ferrets.

We stopped numerous schools from dissecting cats, frogs, and other animals.

We stopped the government from conducting cruel experiments on chimpanzees.

We stopped the U.S. Military from using monkeys in chemical warfare experiments.

When PCRM goes to work for animals, they don’t stop until they succeed.   If 100,000 anmals cried out in pain would you do something about it?

Thousands of animals not only cry in pain each year, they suffer and die in the name of science and education.  Because these creatures are incapable of standing up for themselves-and because this happens behind closed doors in laboratories and private testing facilities- most citizens hardly notice this horrible situation.

Take a stand with PCRM today!



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