Animals Feel – Cold – Hot – Discomfort – Hunger – Loneliness – Pain

As the warmer weather arrives here in the East Coast of the United States and people begin spending more time outside in their gardens and yards, I can hear the sounds of barking dogs from my back yard.

I can hear the close and distant cries of dogs barking. What do dogs bark for? Dogs bark because this is their voice and they use it to announce things. Dogs bark for the same reasons us humans speak.  Dogs bark for recognition, for attention (they get lonely), acknowledgement of their existence, a cold drink of water, a shady spot to protect them from the summers sun, and for affection once in a while. To tell you they are in trouble. Dogs bark if you are late serving their meals and they need to remind you.  Dogs also bark to announce a friend or intruder. They bark to warn their pet guardians of danger . There have been numerous articles in the newspapers and stories on television of dogs saving their owners lives because they smelled smoke and were able to wake their owners in time to get them out of the house.

Dogs have acute awareness, hearing and smell. Did you ever wonder why your dog knows when you’ve arrived home and stands at the door waiting to greet you way before you’ve even gotten close to the door. I read that dogs can hear their owners heart beat from inside the house.

Dogs are “Mans Best Friend”. 

So the next time you hear a dog barking don’t ignore the dog but go see what he or she is trying tell you.  Please pay attention and show some empathy for that dog and go see what that dog needs.  Pay attention to their body language which is also how they communicate with us humans. So remember to have some empathy and treat your dog with respect by listening to what it is trying to tell you. Never ignore the cries of a puppy or barking dog, but rather go see what they need.  Be kind, be patient, be understanding to your family member.




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