Aquatic Ape Theory & Mermaids – A Mermaid Body Found. Watch Animal Planet

By Jean Furs. On Wednesday night 3-26-14 I had the opportunity to watch Animal Planet about the recent new evidence and discovery of Mermaids. If you have a chance to watch the Animal Planet or google “Aquatic Ape Theory & Mermaids” you will be surprised to find out about what is happening in the oceans with Whales and Mermaids. Yes you heard me correctly Mermaids. They do exist although governments around the world are trying to play down the fact.
The sad news is that the U.S. Navy has developed a method of Sonic Testing that is apparently beaching and killing our whales and ocean mammals. Recent findings of beached whales all bleeding from their ears is indicative of internal injuries from high frequency sounds. Recently forcing not only whales to the surface but Mermaids. If you love our oceans and the animals that live there you might want to write your State Representatives and Congress. Ask them why they have chosen to use such powerful sonic testing that they know will disable and kill mammals in our oceans? Doesn’t the world have enough problems. If we kill our oceans we on earth are next.

Check out “Mermaids: The Body Found” when it re-airs Sunday Sept. 2 at 9PM E/P and decide for yourself.

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