Ban Horse Drawn Carriages in Nashville Tennessee, USA

Ban Horse Drawn Carriages in Nashville

Horse drawn carriages used to be one of the few forms of transportation. Now, they’re a nostalgic commodity, a novelty often placed in high-traffic tourist spots—such as the ones we all see in our own downtown Nashville. You’ve seen them, the horses with hanging heads and foaming mouths; maybe you’ve even wondered when the last time was they drank water during a sweltering summer day. That may have been your concern, but it wasn’t the concern of those filling their pockets from exploiting these sensitive animals.

The horses pulling these money-making carriages are exposed to a variety of harmful conditions. Think about all the traffic we see downtown, all the exhaust spewing from these cars and into the horse’s air. Many carriage horses develop respiratory ailments from persistent exposure to manmade pollutants, such as the car exhaust. These horses are made to walk for hours and hours on hard pavement; this often leads to leg and hooves problems. And that horse who you thought might be thirsty? He/she may have died from heatstroke or dehydration—there are many documented cases of horses falling dead from weather conditions or a lack of attending to their most basic needs.

It isn’t just the horses who suffer either. The safety of both Nashville residents and tourists is at risk every time a horse is used in this exploitative manner. Several people have seen the carriages blatantly run through red lights, often narrowly avoiding an accident. An accident involving a horse-drawn carriage and any type of vehicle—be it your own car, a sightseeing bus, or any other form of public transit—would be both devastating in terms of loss and damage, but would also be a gruesome tragedy drawing all the wrong attention to our city known for music and honkey tonks. Don’t let it be recognized for animal abuse.

Let’s face it, Nashville. This is cruelty, not entertainment. Our city has multiple transportation methods that are fun for everyone—and still feed our city’s commerce and growth. Tell our city officials you want this abuse to end now.

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Reasons for Signing

 2 weeks ago, after the marathon, I walked to Broadway and saw one of our horse drawn carriages. The temp was pushing 90, and on the street much hotter than that. While I see the appeal, who doesn’t love animals, this is inhumane. While I understand the work animal history, working on a farm is a far cry from the extreme heat from the concrete, cars and asphalt these animals experience in a daily basis. Not to mention the stress from the noise. If for no other reason than the health concerns their droppings create, please ban this horrible practice! Present Nashville as the clean, humane and animal loving town that we are!
Gail Lanier, Nashville, TN
3 wks ago

The horses and mules walk on the hot pavement for hours. They look tired, old and thirsty. It is a sorry life for them.

Connie Anderson, Murfreesboro, TN
3 wks ago

Very antiquated practice for the “NEW” Nashville…unsafe for them with all the other methods of transport allowed downtown now as well!

Sarah Carpenter, Nashville, TN
3 wks ago

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