Be Humane About Killing – if you must. Have a Heart all Animals Do.

Bucks for Bears

From The Humane Society of The United States

A bear races through the forest — hounded by a pack of dogs, she runs until she can run no more — then she collapses out of exhaustion and is ripped apart.

Maine is the ONLY state in the country that still allows all three practices of hounding, trapping, and baiting bears — the most unthinkably cruel ways to kill these creatures.

Please donate whatever you can afford — to Mainers for Fair Bear Hunting to end this cruelty to our beloved bears.

Bears either suffer for hours with their paws caught in traps before being shot at point blank range. Or they are chased to exhaustion by packs of dogs, often resulting in the bears being ripped apart or the dogs being mauled or killed. Or they’re lured to a pile of rotting meat, pizza, and donuts, and then shot while their head is buried in the pile of bait.

But you can help end this cruelty and give Maine bears the long-overdue protections they deserve. Will you make a special gift to Mainers for Fair Bear Hunting today?

Thanks to the help of hundreds of volunteers, Mainers for Fair Bear Hunting collected nearly 80,000 signatures to place an initiative on Maine’s ballot in November that will finally end bear hounding, trapping, and baiting. The campaign is working day and night to get out the word that this historic measure must be passed on Election Day. But, it’s going to be a battle to November 4, and the campaign needs funds for TV commercials, campaign materials, and other voter outreach.

Only with your help can we win on Election Day. Please make a gift for the bears today.

Thank you for everything you do for animals.

Wayne Pacelle, President & CEO
The Humane Society of the United States

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