Beneath The Ocean Surface Trouble Lurks

Taken from the Ocean Conservancy, 1300 19th Street NW, 8th Floor, Washington, DC 20036, 202-429-5609,

Ocean Conservancy is a District of Columbia non profit organization, which is dedicated to using the best science-based solutions to tackle the biggest threats to our oceans.  Ocean Conservancy is a 501[c] public charity.

By Janis Searles Jones, Chief Executive Officer

There is no way I can sugarcoat it and I won’t, because I know you want to hear the truth. We either address the problems facing our ocean or we run the risk of destroying one of the richest sources of life on Earth.

On the surface, the ocean appears untouched by the environmental devastation that has swept across our planet. But underneath the surface, trouble lurks.

Majestic ocean animal’s like whales, dolphins and sea turtles are killed every day by trash and fishing gear.  Massive oil spills and climate change are taking a deadly toll-with an impact that will last decades.

Right now, the ocean needs a friend a friend like you.

Two independent studies have shown that ocean ecosystems are at the point of collapse.  The conclusions are alarming – 90 percent of large predatory fish have been lost in the past 50 years and 54 percent of coral reefs are threatened or destroyed worldwide.

It’s heartbreaking.  We’ve transformed wild, healthy seas into fish factories, garbage dumps, oil fields and super tanker express lanes. 

Over the years, Ocean Conservancy has led the fight to protect the North Atlantic right whale from extinction, spearheaded the campaign for an international ban on the trade in sea turtles and worked hard to expand protections for dolphins and seals.

Did You Know:

  • That over the last 32 years, Ocean Conservancy has helped remove over 228 million pounds of trash from our beaches and inland waterways?
  • Did you know that sea turtles can mistake plastic  bags for jellies, causing them to suffocate and drown?
  • Did you know that an estimated 8 million tons of plastic debris enter our waterways every year through land-based resources?

Please help Us help our Oceans and the Living Creatures that inhabit them.

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