Bird of The Week – Dancing Timberdoodle: American Woodcock

Bird of the Week
Dancing Timberdoodle:
American Woodcock
One of the American Woodcock’s more colorful folk names is “timberdoodle,” probably for the bird’s forest-edge haunts, erratic flight, and twittering call notes. These plump little birds are technically shorebirds like the Red Knot and Dunlin, though they’re found far from any beach.

Since American Woodcocks are nocturnal migrants, they are frequent victims of collisions with communications towers, glass windows, and other man-made structures. A heavy diet of earthworms, which makes up more than half its diet, makes the woodcock vulnerable to poisoning by accumulated pesticides and heavy metals, which are picked up by the worms as they digest soil matter.

Read full account and hear the woodcock’s call >>

American Woodcock, John Turner

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