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BEST BEHAVIOR- Tufts University The Good Dog Library

Unleashing Your Dog’s Instinct to Obey –

Tufts University Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, ISBN# 0-9758716-0-9

Your dog wants to be on his best behavior-and here’s how you can help him!

Have you ever scolded your dog for barking too much or chewing something he shouldn’t? Do you wonder sometimes who’s in charge here?

Best Behavior: Unleashing Your Dog’s Instinct to Obey shares advice from the experts at Tufts University, one of the nation’s leading veterinarian schools. You’ll learn:

  • About the crucial socialization period for puppies
  • How to help a dog whose previous owners failed to make the most of that time.
  • How to help your dog find his place in the pack [Hint: It’s below you- and not on your bed. Ever!]
  • How to introduce a dog into a home with children
  • What to do when your dog becomes destructive when you leave the house
  • Helpful tips on dealing with behaviors specific to older dogs
  • The experts at Tufts University are known for their advocacy of positive behavior modification to solve dog behavior problems. Their easy – to- understand advice will help you better comprehend your dog and why he does what he does- and what you need to do to change that behavior for the better!


Animal Protection 2.0 How Innovators and Enlightened Consumers Are Transforming the Lives of Animals

Wayne Pacelle-President/CEO of The Humane Society Of The United States, ISBN# 978-0-06-238964-0


 Kennel Club Books – Interactive Series and Smart Owner’s Guide – Dog Fancy – www.

iSBN# 978-159378786-8

“Getting a puppy is an exciting, life-changing experience. To help you and your puppy learn about house-training and obedience training. The editors of DOG FANCY magazine have put together this Smart Owner’s Guide, the first series to offer online support to new puppy owners.

Within the pages of this books, you’ll find expert advice on house-training, crate-training, and family training, as well as chapters on basic training cues – like come, sit, stay, down, and heel – and solving problem behaviors, including chewing, jumping, food begging/stealing, and more.

You’ll also have access to Club Pup, a free online club supported by DOG FANCY and At Club Pup, you can meet and interact with other new puppy owners. download helpful charts and checklists, play puppy-specific games, take fun quizzes, and more.

DOG FANCY is the most widely and read dog magazine in the world and has been helping dog owners for more than 40 years. the website for dog lovers, has more than 20,000 online pages devoted to all dog things.”


HAPPY DOG, Caring For Your Dog’s Body, Mind and Spirit

Bill Rafferty and Jill Cahr, ISBN# 978-1-61523-523-0

Happy Dog captures the care and sensitivity Bill Rafferty has shown to my beloved pets over the years. I am over the moon so many others will have a chance to read and feel what my pets and I have been blessed to experience. I love, love, love this warm and beautiful book.” MSNBC Anchor Tamron Hall


Basic Obedience, Skill Building & Problem Solving

ISBN# 0-9758716-1-7

SIT, STAY, COME. These are the three most important words your dog will ever learn. Why does it seem next to impossible to teach these commands? Maybe because you’re not using the right method. In Train Your Dog Right, the experts of the Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine share everything you need to know to make training a successful and enjoyable experience. You’ll learn:

  • The importance of the right training program.
  • Why you should never tell your dog to “sit,” “come”, or “stay” more than once.
  • Why your dog likes to jump up on people, and how to control his behavior.
  • Techniques to help your dog obey.
  • How to use food to encourage the behavior you want.
  • Tips to help your dog learn to love his crate as a “den”
  • Clicker training: fun, fast and flexible communication.
  • How to desensitize your dog’s fears, like his phobia to thunderstorms.


Canine Nutrition and Recent Trends Within the Pet Food Industry

To Your Dog’s Health! Might just be a pet owners wake-up call.  

ISBN# 978-0-9843017-0-6

THE ULTIMATE PET FOOD GUIDE – Everything you Need to Know about Feeding Your Dog or Cat.

Liz Palika ISBN#978-1-60094-071-2

“Feeding your dog or cat used to seem simple, but the recalls of many pet food products have shown there’s more to ensuring your pet’s best nutrition than opening a bag or can. Now animal behaviorist and dog trainer Liz Palika tells everything you need to know about feeding your dog or cat.  Covering everything from free-feeding to the “human foods” pets should and shouldn’t eat, The Ultimate Pet Food Guide offers critical information such as!

  • The pro and cons of commercial, raw, and home-cooked foods.
  • Red-flag ingredients in commercial foods.
  • Nutritional requirements for dogs, cats, and special needs pets.
  • Understanding how food affects your pet’s health and behavior.


THE DOG DIET ANSWER BOOK- The Complete Nutrition Guide To Help Your Dog Live a Happier,Healthier, and Longer Life.

Greg Martinez, DVM ISBN: 978-1-59233-702-6

” In this book, Dr. Greg Shares the positive results he’s seen in his own dogs as well as his client’s dogs when fresh foods are added to the diet and common allergens are avoided. I loveDr. Greg-s down to earth writing style and appreciate his common-sense approach to dog nutrition.” 

The Dog Answer Book helps dog owner’s better understand their dog’s dietary needs and what ingredients to feed them. With this practical guide, veterinarian Greg Martinez helps you:

  • Diagnose common health problems
  • Decipher ingredient labels
  • Feed your dog beneficial nutrients
  • Identify common allergies
  • Understand the difference between types of dog foods and diets
  • Make home-cooked meals and treats for your dog
  • Decide when to purchase high-quality commercial dog food or add healthy human food, oils,raw food, or home cooking to your pet’s diet.
  • This resource will give you the tools to adjust your dog’s diet in accordance with his nutritional needs so that he will lead a long, happy, and healthy life.


Amy D. Shojai With Advise from More Than 80 of America’s Top Veterinarians Advisor: Shane Bateman, D.V.M., D.V.Sc., Diplomate ACVECC

About the Author:  Amy D. Shojai is the author of 12 books about dogs and cats. She lectures around the United States on pet related topics and is frequently interviewed on national radio and TV. She lives with her husband and pets in Sherman Texas.

ISBN# 13: 978-1579543655

  • Basic first-aid techniques, such as cleaning a wound, making a splint, and performing CPR-step-by-step!
  • Which over-the-counter human medications can help-or harm- your dog or cat.
  • What to keep in your pet’s medicine chest [many essential items are probably in your house already!]
  • How to quickly pinpoint what’s wrong with your pet, using the First-Aid Symptom Finder
  • Plus, you’ll discover a comprehensive A to Z guide to more than 150 common-and not so common-injuries and conditions, including: Abscesses, Bites from Animals, Car Accidents, Choking, Gunshot wounds, Heatstroke, Hot spots, Jellyfish Stings, Poisoning, Snakebites

NATURAL HEALTH for DOGS & CATS – Dr. Pitcairn’s Complete Guide to

By Richard H. Pitcairn, D.V.M., PH.D. & Susan Hubble Pitcairn, ISBN# 0-87596-243-2

“The most comprehensive guide to natural health care for pets-required reading for all animal lovers!” Allen M. Schoen, D.V.M., Editor, Veterinary Acupuncture: Ancient Art to Modern Medicine

A comprehensive, Thorough Reference, This Pet-Lover’s Companion will tell you:

  • How to choose a healthy animal
  • Dozens of recipes for delicious, economical, healthful pet food- with completely updated tables, charts, and nutritional guidelines.
  • How to give a pet a checkup.
  • What’s really in pet foods-and which ones to avoid to ensure your pet’s best health
  • Special diets for special pets
  • A guide to handling emergencies that includes techniques for external heart massage, artificial respiration and control of bleeding.


By Carolina James ISBN# 185279033-4

In The Really Useful Bunny Guide, Carolina James has brought together everything she has learned from her years of keeping and looking after rabbits.  As well as covering the basic issues of housing, feeding and health care, she gives guidance on how to train your rabbit to obey simple commands and how to keep it occupied.  A unique feature are the sections on bunny body language and sounds, which will help readers understand their small companions. Packed with useful information, yet presented in a light and easy to read style, this book provides both the new and experienced bunny keeper with lots of practical advice for keeping rabbits both in and out of doors.

Carolina James is well know in the world of rabbits. She is an advisor of the British House Rabbit Association and a member of the House Rabbit Society. She is a regular contributor to Wild About Animals and Fur & Feather, the magazine of the British Rabbit Council.


By Bruce Fogle, DVM,  ISBN# 0-7894-1970-X

Written by Bruce Fogle, DVM, best -selling authority on the behavior and care of cats. A fascinating history explores the life and folklore of one of our best-loved animal companions.

The Most Comprehensive Illustrated Guide to the World’s Recognized Breeds, Varieties, and Colors.

Straight From The Horse’s Mouth – How to Talk to Animals and Get Answers

By Amelia Kinkade Foreward By Bernie Siegel, M.D. ISBN# 0-609-60769-3

About the author: AMELIA KINKADE has been listed in The Top 100 Psychics in America. A full-time animal communicator, she is sought by veterinarians, animal rescue organizations, and animal lovers all over the world.  She lives and practices in California.

“Amelia Kinkade, through her wise words, has washed away any left-brain scientific skepticism concerning animal telepathy that had been engrained in me through my veterinary medical education.  This book is a true gift to the animal kingdom that offers hope to improve communication with all species.  It’s a must-read for all animal lovers! Read it and share it with all sentient beings! Straight from the Horse’s Mouth will single-handedly revolutionize animal communication.” Allen M. Schoen, D.V.M., M.S., author of Kindred Spirits and director of the Veterinary Institute for Therapeutic Alternatives [VITA]

Straight from the Horse’s Mouth is a tribute to the power of intuition to facilitate the reality of interspecies communication. In a compassionate, warm, and humorous style, Amelia Kinkade shows us how to listen-deeply and hear the needs of the animals we love.” Judith Orloff,M.D. author of Dr. Judith Orloff’s Guide to Intuitive Healing and Second Sight

I have read many books by animal communicators, but nothing like Amelia Kinkade’s Straight from the Horse’s Mouth. I set the book down thinking, ‘Wow, I think I COULD do this! Well written, funny, enlightening, and immensely practical. Read it!” – Susan Chernak McElroy, author of Animals as Teachers and Healers

“A healthy change is in the wind, and Amelia Kinkade is the major motivator. Straight from the Horse’s Mouth is a call to action, a challenge to us all to pay more attention to animal psychics.  It is a classic in the field that will make a significant difference in how we view and treat our animal kin.” – Marc Bekoff, professor of biology, University of Colorado, Boulder, author of Strolling with Our Kin

“Attention, animal lovers! Dr. Doolittle is not only real, but alive and well and living under the name Amelia Kinkade, Straight from the Horse’s Mouth is truth stranger than fiction, an astonishing, hilarious, practical account… It’s an utterly delightful read for anyone who has ever wanted to connect with someone from another species.”

“Headlines Blare: ‘Do Animals Have Feelings? ‘Can Animals Think?’ “Do Animals Think?’ Straightfrom the Horse’s Mouth answers these questions and tells us notonly do they, and can they, but what animals are thinking! An amazing book,” Gretchen Wyler, actress and president of The Ark Trust

Paws for a moment with God – Devotions Best Enjoyed in the Company of a Cat.

Inspired by Faith, ISBN# 978-0984332885

About the authors: Diane Morgan, an assistant professor of philosophy and religion, has written numerous books on canine care and nutrition. Diane lives in Maryland with five dogs, three of whom are seniors.

“Have you ever noticed how a cat will find contentment in something as simple as a ray of sunshine? She settles herself in its pleasure and basks in the joy of the moment!”

“Every day, God sends simple blessings into our lives for use to discover, embrace, and enjoy.”

In ways you may have never considered, there is wisdom to be learned by observing the habits, curiosities, and antics of a cat. This book of reflections and devotionals will inspire and encourage… and if one of the blessings you have been given is the companionship of a wonderful cat, then cozy in together and spend a moment with God.

Loving Your Senior Dog – The Complete Guide to Health and Care of Your Older Dog

By Diane Morgan Wayne Hunthausen, D.V.M., Consulting Veterinary Editor, ISBN# 978-0-7938-0618-8

About the author’s: Diane Morgan, an assistant professor of philosophy and religion, has written numerous books on canine care and nutrition. Diane lives in Maryland with five dogs, three of whom are seniors.

Wayne Hunthausen,D.V.M. is the director of Animal Behavior Consultations in the Kansas City area and currently serves on the Practitioner Board of Veterinary Medicine and the Behavior Advisory Board for Veterinary Forum. 

Whether you’ve watched our lively youngster gradually slow down over the years or whether you adopted an older dog from the start, living with a senior presents a special set of challenges. In fact, geriatric dogs often experience physical and behavioral changes that can be detrimental to their well-being and decrease their overall quality of life. Is it possible to prevent or manage these effects of aging in a canine? How can you prolong your senior’s life without compromising its quality? Perhaps most importantly how can ou help your beloved friend age with grace and dignity?

Loving Your Senior Dog will answer these questions and teach you how to manage age-related changes, apply preventive care techniques,

  • nutrition plans for the aging canine
  • reward-based training refresher courses
  • solutions to age-related problem behaviors
  • extensive coverage of a variety of health-conditions affecting senior dogs
  • tips on how to help prevent common signs of aging
  • advice on how to handle end of life issues

Your dog’s golden years are a gift to be treasured and appreciated. This guide to living well will help you and your senior make the most of them!