Canadian Slaughter of Baby Seals – We need your help.


I received this text message moments ago from Rebecca Aldworth, our Director of Canadian Wildlife Issues.

Rebecca and her team are flying above the ice off Newfoundland right now — within feet of the very people who are shooting and clubbing baby seals for their fur. The seal slaughter has started and the situation is dire.

Please make an emergency gift right now to help us protect baby seals from such agonizing and unnecessary deaths»

Right now, most of these seal pups are only a few weeks old. Jean, our helicopter and cameras are the only defense they have and you’re the reason why. Make no mistake — without you, we wouldn’t be able to document this cruelty.

The Canadian government claims the slaughter is humane — it’s clearly not. Documentation is our strongest tool to show people the truth, and it’s working. We’ve successfully helped to close global markets for seal pelts — to the point where seal pelt processors often stockpile them in warehouses because no one will buy them.

If you stand with us, we will soon see the day when the commercial seal slaughter is over for good. Baby seals need you right now — will you help?

Thank you,

Wayne Pacelle, President & CEO
The Humane Society of the United States

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