Cat Behavior – Understanding it & Information About It!

I’ve been reading about cats and would like to share some important information that you might or might not aware of. So here goes….

Cats don’t like change. When cats cause trouble or get annoying and destructive there are specific reasons why:

The Cat May Be Sick.An example is when the cat doesn’t use the litter box. The cat may have a medical problem and when any sort of stress is added, the cats behavior goes over the edge. That’s why a problem seems to appear suddenly-out of nowhere.

The Cat May Be Very Stressed.  If a cat is stressed it might hide under the bed or under a couch. The cat is trying to tell you “leave me alone”. It is best not to try and take the cat out from it’s hiding place but rather let it come out when it’s stress level has reduced.

The Cat May Be Bored. You need to give a cat an outlet so that it can display it’s predatory, playful and territorial ways. Some suggestions are providing toys, and playtime.  Don’t ever punish a cat for being in character – a cat.

The Cat May Be Frightened.  Cats can be frightened for all kinds of reasons. Introducing a cat to a new family member like a dog or another cat can be a frightening experience. I Suggest you not hold the cat near you when you are making introductions otherwise you might get hurt. A fearful cat can scratch you and you don’t want to get injured so don’t forget to pay attention to what is going on with the cat. Read your cats body language and stay clear until things settle down. What happens to you when your frightened? Frightened from a thunderstorm or a movie? Well animals get frightened too, so beware so you don’t stress the cat out even more.

The Cat Wants Something.  When a cat wants something it will meow and meow and meow until it gets it. A cat doesn’t give up! A cat will let you know it wants something from you, so pay attention. A dog will ask for a short amount of time but not a cat.

Sometime The Cat Is Just Being a Cat. When a cat scratches it is usually territory marking, exercise or claw sharpening. When it comes to scratching a cat is all about location, location, location.

Moving A Frightened or Anxious Cat.  If your cat is frightened or anxious it might be a good thing to let it calm down and stay away from it. Incase you need to move your cat anyway here is a Feline Box of Things to Use.

  1. Spray Bottle.  A spray bottle works well to stop an unwanted behavior -like a cat going after another cat. Like a cat using your curtains as a outdoor vine. Don’t use strong verbal language or the cat will simply relate the negative consequence to your presence.
  2. Aluminum Foil.  Cats don’t like aluminum foil. You can attach it to an area that you don’t want a cat to scratch.  If a cat is spraying a certain area you can put aluminum foil on that area and the cat won’t go near it.
  3. Plastic Carpet Runner.  The plastic runners that have bumps on the back cats don’t like.  Cat’s don’t like the way this feels on their paws and they keep off of it.  You can put this on things or in certain areas to keep cats off.
  4. A Heavy Towel.  Use a big heavy towel to wrap up a cat snugly if you need to control it.  Make sure that the towel is snug around the neck and that the paws are contained so that you can’t get scratched.
  5. Double-Sided Carpet Tape or Contact Paper.   Cats hate to have sticky paws. They hate to have anything stick to their paws.
  6. Plastic Sheeting.  This sheeting can make things easy to cleanup if the cat wets your bed or sprays in certain areas or uses the litterbox and misses the box and hits the wall or floor.


Feliway is a product that is used to relieve stress and prevent unwanted behaviors.  It comes in a spray, which you can use in a crate.  If there are lots of cats, it comes in plug-in form which can be left on in the house at all times.


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