Cat Survives Thirty-Six Days in a Moving Box

We’ve all heard stories of cats following their owners when they’ve been left behind or given away to another home, but this story is as amazing as all the rest. I found this article in the local newspaper and wanted to share it so that you’d realize the love,loyalty and dedication some pets have for their owners.

Cat Survives Month-long trip.

Suffolk, VA-A cat survived a month-long trip in a moving box with no food or water.   Ashly Barth said her cat Mee Moowe disappeared in September 2014 as movers packed her family belongings for a move from Suffolk, Virginia, to Hawaii.

Thirty-six days later, the boxes arrived in Hawaii, Barth says she heard a faint “meow” as the boxes were unloaded. Mee Moowe was in one of the boxes. 

Barth says the cat had lost half its body weight and could barely walk.  A veterinarian  office in Hawaii that treated Mee Moowe reported the cat exhibited classic symptoms of starvation.

State veterinarian offices in Virginia and Hawaii said it was unlikely a cat could survive 36 days without food or water, but not impossible.


This story reminds me of my cat Josh when I was moving from one house to another years ago.  I packed all the boxes and started taking them out one by one to the car. Josh watched me intently while I took our belongings to our family car.  I planned on taking Josh last so that I could put him into my cat carrier in the front seat of my car.  After moving all the boxes that I could into my car I went back into my house to get Josh but he was no where to be found. I looked high and low and in every cabinet, closet and room but could not find him. In the middle of the floor was a garbage bag of soiled clothing so I picked it up and threw it into the trunk of my car and went back inside for a last look to find Josh. Once again I couldn’t find him and then realized he might have crawled into the garbage bag of soiled clothing so that he’d make sure he wasn’t left behind.

I immediately went to my car trunk and opened it and started yelling Josh, Josh are you in there? I reached down to the bottom of the bag and there I felt Josh’s fur coat. I pulled him out and held him close to me and said “Josh I’d never leave you behind”. He started purring and I put him in the front seat with me. 

Animals can’t talk and when they love you and see you moving they just want to make sure they are moving with you. I suspect that’s what happened with the cat that spent 36 days in a moving box.

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