Puppy’s First Year: Behavior & Socialization – What to Expect

Puppy’s 1st Year: Behavior & Socialization Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff TOP VIEWED ARTICLES Puppy Housetraining FAQs   Puppy’s 1st Year: Behavior & Socialization   Vaccinate Your Dog at Home   PRODUCTS RELATED TO: New Pet Drs. Foster and Smith Furniture Throws As low as $21.99 … Continue reading

Arsenic in your and your pets drinking water.

  81 percent. That’s how many water systems in the United States contain contaminants linked to cancer – chemicals including chromium-6 (the “Erin Brockovich” chemical), arsenic and dozens of others. These contaminants are perfectly legal in water, but are not … Continue reading

Pet Project: The healing power of animals

Taken from UCLA Health, Healthy Years Helping older adults lead happier, healthier lives. June 2015 Volume 12, Number 6 Animal therapy relieves stress, anxiety, and can help you live longer.  A dog is man’s [and woman’s] best friend, expecially when … Continue reading

Permethrin – Beware of New Flea & Tick Products

Taken from Essentially Dogs News letter December 19, 2015 www.Essentiallydogs.com Please view Essentially Dogs Articles for more health information www.Essentiallydogs.com Beware of the New Tick & Flea Products There are new convenient products formulated to repel and kill ticks and fleas.  … Continue reading