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Would you answer 100 questions to help save the lives of dogs? That’s what Dr. Nicholas Dodman at Tufts is asking dog lovers.

Executive Director – Center for Canine Behavior Studies | Director – The Simon Foundation

In research collaboration with James Serpell, Ph.D. at UPenn, Dodman & Serpell propose the largest owner-dog personality-behavior study ever conducted with a view to establishing once and for all how owner personality and psychological status affects a pet’s behavior.

The Animal Ownership Interaction Study is being done at The Simon Foundation’s Center for Canine Behavior Studies; Nick Dodman is the Center’s Chief Scientific Officer. The Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit.

The objective of the Study, which will initially run for 2 years, is to elucidate the positive and negative aspects of owners’ interaction with their dogs. From the results of this study, Dodman & Serpell expect to be able to help owners understand the influence they are having on their pet’s behavior and to be able to modify their interactions with their dog in a positive way.

If you love dogs, please volunteer to participate in this Study, which will require no more than (anonymously) completing on-line surveys. Registration for the Study is now open.

To learn more and register, visit: http://centerfor

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