Compassion To All Living Things Will Help Find Peace!

Albert Schweitzer, theologian and philospher, urged all people to extend the circle of their compassion to all living things. He said ” Until that is done, they will not find peace themselves.”

In Genesis 1:24

“Let the earth bring forth all kinds of living creatures: cattle, creeping things, and wild animals of all kinds.” And so it happened.

I believe that most of you who visit this site have an interest in animals. Lets hope that all of you love animals. As lovers of animals we understand how important our pets are.  Our pets are our best friends-they know our habits, they understand our different moods, and sometimes they are the only ones we talk to in a day. They know us best-and they still love us unconditionally!  Our pets are a treasured part of our families and of our lives and this is a wonderful thing for those of us who understand it.

Showing great respect for all living things throughout his life,  St. Francis of Assisi truly showed us how to love and care for the pets in our homes and the animals in the fields and forests and all of the Universe’s creation.

Shouldn’t we take away from these mens teachings a sense of respect for all living things? Only when we have a genuine respect of life, and are able to look outside of ourselves can we hope to appreciate and keep a balance of life. Doesn’t anyone care about the balance of life?

There are many others that I could have written about today that loved animals but today I chose these two men.

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