Critically Endangered Blue Throated Macaw

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Blue-throated Macaw

An expedition led by ABC’s conservation partner Asociació Armonía has discovered a new nesting area for the Critically Endangered Blue-throated Macaw. The discovery may solve one of the riddles of the imperiled macaw’s life-cycle and is a major step toward ensuring full protection for the species. 

Learn how the expedition will help Blue-throated Macaws rebound >>


'Piping Plover President’s Budget Threatens Bird Conservation and Public Lands 

President Trump’s proposed 2018 budget would gut major programs and protections for birds and for America’s public lands, and put decades of conservation work at risk. ABC urges all Americans who care about our nation’s wildlife and natural resources to tell Congress that such extreme cuts will not fly.

Learn more about the proposed budget reductions—and make your voice heard >>


ABC and Cornell Lab Of Ornithology Join Forces 

We’re pleased to announce that ABC and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology have launched “Science to Action,” a partnership aimed at reversing decades of population declines for migratory birds in the Americas.

Read more about what this partnership means for bird conservation  >>

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apapane jack jeffreys Can Biotechnology Stop Hawai’i’s Invasive Mosquitoes?

One of the biggest threats to Hawai‘i’s native forest birds is also one of the tiniest. Non-native mosquitoes that spread two deadly diseases, avian malaria and avian pox, have infiltrated the main islands. Recent advances in biotechnology, however, could help fight this growing challenge.

Learn what genetic intervention may mean for Hawai’i’s imperiled birds >>


ABC Sues to Stop Wind Project in Important Migration Corridor

ABC and Black Swamp Bird Observatory have filed a lawsuit against the Ohio Air National Guard over its plans to build and operate a wind turbine at its Camp Perry facility. Located in Port Clinton, Ohio, near the shore of Lake Erie, Camp Perry lies in a major bird migration corridor. We’re concerned that this turbine will kill species protected under the Endangered Species Act—such as Kirtland’s Warbler—and set a dangerous precedent for the Great Lakes region.

Read more about ABC’s efforts to stop Ohio Air National Guard’s turbine plans >>

Kirtland's warbler Ron Austing


grey-breasted parakeet fabio nunes Video Gallery: Grey-Breasted Parakeet 

The Critically Endangered Grey-breasted Parakeet is one of the most trafficked birds in northeast Brazil—it’s also one of the rarest. To make sure this magnificent bird continues to survive in the wild, ABC is working with Brazilian partner Aquasis to translocate several dozen of the parakeets to a new, protected site.

Learn more about this conservation project and watch Grey-breasted Parakeets in flight >>


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