CT Humane Lobby Day-Wednesday February 18, 2015

This is it! It’s time to come together with other advocates across Connecticut.

Sign up for Humane Lobby Day now and you’ll be joining us for this special event dedicated to protecting the animals we love so much. They deserve it, don’t they?

Wednesday, February 18, 2015
1 p.m. to 4 p.m.
Capitol Building, Room 310
210 Capitol Avenue, Hartford, CT 06106


Whether you come by yourself or with a caravan of friends, family or co-advocates, Humane Lobby Day will be an unforgettable, transforming experience.

Take a look at what these folks had to say after going to their Humane Lobby Day.

Heidi: I wanted to make a difference for animals, but I wasn’t sure how to get involved. I had never lobbied before, so Humane Lobby Day was my chance to learn the process. I felt like I made a difference for suffering animals, and I discovered that I loved lobbying.

Jack: Humane Lobby Day gave me the confidence I needed to lobby. To my surprise, it was easy and fun! Now, calling my state representative and state senator is a breeze.

Sharlene: At Humane Lobby Day, many of us are making our voices heard; it’s empowering! Even when you’re back in your own community and may feel like you’re the only animal welfare advocate around, Humane Lobby Day provides a reminder that you’re really not alone at all, and that there is strength in numbers.

No prior experience is required! We’ll be with you every step of the way. Find out more and RSVP for Humane Lobby Day.

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