Destruction of Ancient Forests & Wildlife due to Unsustainable Production

 Unsustainable production of palm oil is leading to the destruction of beautiful ancient forests, critical habitats for wildlife like tigers and orangutans, and contributing to increased global warming. We must speak out and convince mega-retailers like Costco to make a commitment to sustainability.

Tell Costco: Strengthen your commitment to combat climate change and stop deforestation by switching to sustainable palm oil products »


Adam Williams
Associate Online Engagement Manager
League of Conservation Voters

League of Conservation Voters

Unsustainable palm oil production is destroying the world’s most ancient forests. Tell Costco it needs to commit to sustainably sourced palm oil »

Costco needs to make a real commitment to sustainability around palm oil. Speak up »

Tropical forests are being demolished. Critical habitats for endangered species destroyed. Clean air polluted and climate change worsened — these disasters are all linked to one single product: palm oil.

From your cereal to your shampoo, palm oil is found in nearly half of common household products in the United States — but at what cost? As one of the most popular vegetable oils in the world, it is a huge global commodity — and unsustainable palm oil production is having huge global impacts.

And until recently, there was little we could do to stop it. Thanks to a large public outcry, companies like Costco are hearing our calls for action and slowly starting to remove unsustainable palm oil from their shelves. But in order to start a real trend and have a real impact, we need more.

Tell Costco: Strengthen your commitment to combat climate change by switching to sustainable palm oil products »

The damage of unsustainable palm oil production can’t be undone. Every single hour, 300 football fields-worth of irreplaceable ancient rainforest are cleared for palm oil production in Southeast Asia alone. This destruction is having immeasurable impacts on the environment, endangered species, local communities, and the climate. And that’s without even taking into consideration the labor abuses and social conflict that palm oil has been made infamous for.

Concerned environmentalists like you and me have called on the world’s largest and most influential companies to commit to sustainable palm oil production. And it’s worked! We’ve seen success with giant companies like McDonald’s and Dunkin’ Donuts committing to sustainable palm oil. Costco recently committed to protect forests and phase out harmfully sourced palm oil by 2021, but it’s not enough.

Here’s what we’re calling for: We need Costco to supply products that are clearly sustainably sourced. Their commitment deadline of 2021 — six years in the future! — is too far away and too far out of line with industry standards. If we want to make a real difference in saving our forests and ending harmful palm oil practices, we need transparency and we need urgency.

Tell Costco they need to go further: Commit to stopping deforestation with stronger palm oil policies »

If we’ve learned anything from our scores of successful corporate accountability campaigns, it’s that good businesses will respond to their consumers. Please, join us in demanding strong palm oil commitments from Costco before it’s too late.

Thanks for your support,


Kristin Brown
Director of Digital Strategies
League of Conservation Voters

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