Did Your Members of Congress Side Against or For The Dark Act?

Big News: General Mills just announced that they will start labeling GMOs nationally to comply with Vermont’s law, which will go into effect in July.1 This announcement follows a major setback for Monsanto and the Big Food lobby when the Senate voted earlier this week to block the DARK Act, which would ban states from labeling GMOs.

Your messages are getting through — but we know Monsanto and their allies are scheming up a way to bring the DARK Act back soon. Right now, we need to thank our Senators who did the right thing, scold those who sided with Monsanto, and keep the pressure on before the next vote!

Did your Senators side with YOU or MONSANTO? Find out and take action!

Many of us at Food & Water Watch were watching the Senate debate live from our offices, and it was a nail-biter. There were low points, like Senator Roberts, sponsor of the Senate bill, claiming ridiculous increases in food prices that were put out by an industry group and simply not true.2 And many high points, like Senator Merkley from Oregon exposing each of the fake labeling schemes that are being considered as “compromises”— like a 1-800 number, QR codes and websites that severely limit access to labeling information.

Find out how each of your Senators voted and send a message to stop the DARK Act for good!

With your help, we worked hard to win this round. Our organizers and volunteers have been working tirelessly in 17 states throughout the U.S. to put constituent pressure on the key Senate targets we needed to vote with us, and it worked — every single Senator we were targeting voted the right way!

These next two weeks are critical. Senators are back in their home states while the Senate is on recess, and it’s critical that they hear from you. We know that Monsanto and their anti-labeling allies won’t give up easily. They’ll try everything they can to bring the DARK Act back and block states from labeling GMOs before Vermont’s law goes into effect this July. We can’t let up on the pressure we’ve been building against this bill.

Please take a moment to THANK or SCOLD your Senators for their vote on the DARK Act and make sure they side with us the next time this bill comes up for a vote!


Katy Kiefer Staff Photo

Katy Kiefer
Activist Network Manager
Food & Water Watch

1. General Mills to start using GMO labeling nationwide, Minneapolis Star Tribune, March 18, 2016.
2. We Don’t Buy It: How Much Would It Really Cost for GMO Labeling?, Food & Water Watch, March 2, 2016.


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