Do birds choose their mates on Valentines Day? Audubon Connecticut

White-throated Sparrow
Folklore often suggests that birds choose their mates each year on February 14th. Is this perhaps related to the fact that songbirds, which traditionally sing after a blustery winter, tend to debut around this time? Or is it simply because we notice their singing on Valentine’s Day?
No matter what the reason, please join us this Valentine’s Day in our tradition of showing the birds some love by supporting wildlife and Audubon Connecticut’s bird conservation programs.
  • If you visit  Shreve, Crump & Low’s Greenwich store today or tomorrow (10am-6pm) and let them know you are there to “show some love to the birds,” they will donate 10% of your entire purchase to Audubon Connecticut.
  • Visit one of our Center’s Nature Shops in Greenwich or Sharon to pick up bird seed so our feathered friends can get through the remainder of the winter. You can also donate your bird seed to Bent of The River.
  • Like (or “love us!”) us on Facebook.
  • Make a donation to Audubon Connecticut  to support our efforts to protect birds through science-based conservation work.
  • Learn more about Connecticut’s birds by visiting our Director of Bird Conservation’s blog.
Let’s make February 14th a day we show our love for birds and other wildlife by supporting Audubon Connecticut!
Thank you for your shared commitment to nature,
Stewart J. Hudson
V.P. & Executive Director
Audubon Connecticut 

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