Dogs Bred in French Laboratory to Develop Muscular Dystrophy

dog in laboratory
Most dogs never reach adulthood. Some are completely crippled before they even reach 6 months old.
A PETA video exposé featuring investigative footage from the French group Animal Testing reveals that dogs bred to develop muscular dystrophy spend their days imprisoned in a laboratory in France struggling to walk, swallow, and even breathe as the disease ravages their muscles. Some dogs whose jaw muscles had weakened are seen with drool dripping from their mouths. Vomit covers the face of another dog who can no longer hold down his food.

These experiments, which have gone on for decades, have failed to produce a cure for muscular dystrophy or even a treatment to reverse its progression in humans.

There is much more promising research to help children with muscular dystrophy that doesn’t involve animal experiments.

speak up for dogs suffering at this lab

Ask the French charity Téléthon to stop funding these cruel experiments and to support only modern, non-animal studies.

Thank you for taking action for animals!


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