Dogs Starving In War Torn Ukraine – Help Needed

Some of the dogs are starving. Others are suffering horrible injuries after bomb blasts.

War is brutal and animals are often the forgotten victims. News out of Ukraine continues to be grim. Recent days have seen the heaviest fighting since last summer.

Over the past six months, we’ve fed thousands of dogs in Ukraine, starting at Shelter Pif in Donetsk and then at animal shelters in Berdyansk and Gorlovka. In addition to food and clean water, the shelter dogs need medical care. That’s why we’ve agreed to buy a sonogram unit and a blood analyzer system for the shelter in Donetsk.

Without proper equipment at the shelter, the staff must send blood samples to distant towns for analysis. In a war zone, this is a difficult and expensive task.

The animals need you.

Tragically, the need in Ukraine is greater than ever. We started by feeding more than 1,000 dogs in the city of Donetsk, but now we’re helping to feed and care for more dogs in more cities.

Can you support our Disaster Response team so these dogs get the veterinary care they need?

Your gift will make an immediate difference for injured and hungry dogs in Ukraine and other animals in need around the world.

Thank you.

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Shannon Walajtys
IFAW’s Disaster Response Manager

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