Earth Justice – Navy Agrees to Protect Marine Mammals From Harmful Sonar

BREAKING NEWS: Whales and other marine mammals protected from deadly Navy training exercises.

Melon headed whales like these on the west side of Hawai‘i island will now be protected from dangerous mid-frequency sonar training and testing. (Robin W. Baird/Cascadia Research Collective)

In addition to our efforts in court, more than 150,000 Earthjustice supporters helped ensure this issue got the attention it deserved from our government by sending a letter to the Obama administration. Thank you for taking action and making your voice heard.

This victory serves as a reminder of how critically important our work is to the vitality of our oceans, and how much there is left to do. My colleagues and I are working tirelessly to protect our oceans from activities that are harming them—building cases to fight irresponsible fishing practices, pollution, climate change and habitat destruction—and we win.

In this legal battle and in every fight Earthjustice takes on, we rely on your generous support—thank you. Because of you we’re able to offer our services free of charge to our clients—such as Conservation Council for Hawai‘i, the Animal Welfare Institute, the Center for Biological Diversity and the Ocean Mammal Institute—who we represented in the court battle that resulted in today’s victory.


David Henkin
Staff Attorney
 Thank you for being an Earthjustice Donor and Activist. You make our work possible.

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