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December 2015

THE RESCUE UPDATE ISSUE Luna: This puppy didn’t stand a chance without SSgt. JoshSam: Bait dog missing his snout inspires hopeGlory: Detroit’s darling is full of lifeHangar Kitty: Stole the hearts of our military heroesHey, Did You Know?







As the year comes to a close, we begin to reflect on the events that shaped the year – the hardships and the victories. 2015 has been especially memorable for us because of all the heartwarming rescues and rehabilitations we accomplished with your support. Our programs were running at full steam this year, ultimately helping thousands of animals live a better life. Here are just a few of our 2015 rescues that left a mark on our hearts:
Tasha: Tail brutally chopped off, now healed
TashaThis was one of the worst cruelty cases we witnessed in 2015. As you may recall, three evil men chopped off this sweet pup’s tail and laughed while she screamed in pain, filming their cruelty all the while. The cries and pain we heard and saw broke our hearts and we knew we had to help. Our partners in Romania lost no time finding Tasha and filing a police report against the criminals. Thanks to your donations, Tasha was nursed back to full health and was found a perfect forever home in the U.K. This beautiful soul is finally getting the all love and attention she deserves.
Luna: This puppy didn’t stand a chance without SSgt. Josh
LunaWho can forget Luna, one of our most adorable rescues this year? SSgt. Josh found this puppy begging for food in Romania, where he was on deployment with the Oregon Air National Guard. Without him, she didn’t stand a chance on the rough streets all alone. Thankfully, SSgt. Josh wanted to give her a home in the U.S. and with the help of OBP: Worldwide team and donor support, Luna made it home with him just a few months later. We hope you saw the heartwarming news coverage of their November reunion.
Sam: Bait dog missing his snout inspires hope
SamSPCAI staff met Sam after he was rescued from a dog-fighting ring. Sam was repeatedly used as a bait dog because of his gentle disposition. He was held in captivity, tied down and attacked, over and over again. When he was left for dead and saved by a passerby, his snout had been eaten away, his front leg was severed and many other body parts were severely wounded, but nothing compared to the look of despair in his eyes. Many SPCAI supporters rallied to Sam’s aid and helped him heal with generous donations and an outpouring of love. In his honor, we launched Sam’s Cause, an arm of the Shelter Support Fund dedicated to the plight of all dogs that suffer in the name of dog fighting.
Glory: Detroit’s darling is full of life
Climate ChangeGlory should not be alive today. Emaciated, beat up and scared she was abandoned in downtown to Detroit; discarded by someone who deemed her no longer useful. She was so sick and malnourished when she was brought in to our partner’s rescue facility, she could barely lift her head. Through her unstoppable will to live, the rescue’s endless love, and your outpouring of support, Glory is full of life. Your donations allowed her to receive the medical treatments and long-term care that she needed. What a picture of health she is now! And, like all the others, she’s in a wonderful home getting TLC every day.
Hangar Kitty: Stole the hearts of our military heroes
Climate ChangeHangar Kitty was first considered a nuisance at the U.S. military base in Egypt where she would sit at the dining hall entrance begging for scraps until she was moved to the far end of the base near the airfield. Taking up residency in the Hangar, and aptly named, she soon stole the heart of one really special servicemember who began caring for her. The two soon became inseparable and would spend days off napping and watching movies in bed together. All thanks to you, OBP: Worldwide was able to transport her from the desert of Egypt to the loving open arms of our servicemember’s family in North Carolina.
Hey, Did You Know?
Did You KnowSPCA International has only five full-time staff members that are based across North America. Over the years, we have helped over 530 military families through Operation Military Pets; Rescued 610 animals through Operation Baghdad Pups: Worldwide; Given over 450 grants to shelters and rescue groups through the Shelter Support Fund; Distributed tens of millions of dollars of veterinary medical supplies through our Veterinary Supply Aid program; and transformed countless lives. It’s only thanks to our amazing supporters, like you, that we have been able to make all of this happen! We are looking forward to helping even more animals, families, shelters and clinics in 2016. Thanks for being the most important member of our team!
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