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Adopt A Farm Animal This Holiday - AAFA

The holiday season is a time of celebration and renewal, and its arrival invites us to reflect on our triumphs over adversity.

Many of the rescued residents at Farm Sanctuary have endured unimaginable ordeals, but their recoveries and joie de vivre are an inspiration to us all.  When you sponsor a farm animal this season, you are supporting their continued health and happiness while creating a compassionate union for you or a loved one to enjoy for years to come.

Manolito was rescued by actress, singer, and animal advocate Charo, and came to Farm Sanctuary’s Southern California shelter when she realized he would enjoy the greatest quality of life there.  Manolito was very sick when he arrived, and shelter staff immediately began treating him for an umbilical infection and bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVDV).  Now fully recovered, Manolito loves romping around the cattle pasture, being groomed by his best friend William.

Romy was born on a cold spring day on a permaculture farm, where sheep are bred to produce lambs who are then sold for slaughter.  Romy’s mother rejected him and left him out in the rain to die.  While the farm was not equipped to treat Romy, staff sympathized with the lamb and reached out to Farm Sanctuary for help.  Now living at our New York shelter, Romy is a healthy, happy sheep who loves interacting with his caregivers and pen mates Levi and Avery goats.

Victor was a member of a hobby flock, but was brought to a shelter when his caregiver no longer wanted him.  Unfortunately, even backyard birds are not exempt from the cruelties experienced by all birds raised for food or entertainment.  Born at an industrial hatchery, he never experienced his mother’s love and protection.  Now safe at our Northern California shelter, Victor enjoys crowing back and forth with his new friend Rod.

When you adopt Manolito, Romy, or Victor, you are celebrating their milestones and their new lives at sanctuary.  Adopt a Farm Animal “parents” receive an adoption certificate of their adopted friend and other benefits depending on the animal.  Start or continue a holiday tradition today by sponsoring an animal at any of our three locations and bringing a piece of sanctuary home with you.


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