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Everything Farm Sanctuary does is for the good welfare of farm animals-from providing specialized care to rescueing farm animals in need to advocating for the end of factory farming. 

Our Vet Care Fund will make a difference for farm animals all across the country.  We’ve equipped our Melrose Small Animal Hospital with training cameras for Farm Sanctuary staff and eventually hope to share innovations in farm animal care with other sanctuaries and vet students everywhere. 

Mandy and Jordan were discovered seperately around the same time in the heart of New York City. Mandy a courageous lamb, had escaped a live market, where she would have been selected by a customer and slaughtered on site.

Jordan, a gentle goat, also escaped what appeared to be certain death.  He was found tied to a tree in Brooklyn the day before Easter Sunday, which means he probably was intended for Easter dinner.  The tip of his ear had been cut off cleanly, and he had a very deep knife wound down to the bone of his back right foot.

We celebrated Mandy and Jordan’s safe arrival at Farm Sanctuary, but we knew that their rescue was only the beginning of our work.  Saving Mandy and Jordan’s lives would take many long nights and specialized care.

Every day, Jordan needs his wound redressed, and both are being treated for pneumonia and a number of parasites.  And since neither Mandy nor Jordan received any veterinary care in the past [like nearly all of the rescued farm animals who arrive at Farm Sanctuary], ensuring a healthy future takes vaccinations, neutering, and a lot of TLC [tender loving care].

With so many special needs, Mandy and Jordan have been making their home at Farm Sanctuary’s Melrose Small Animal Hospital, and there they have developed a very strong friendship with staff.

The Farm Sanctuary’s Vet Care Fund provides for the ongoing care and medical needs of Farm Sanctuary’s more than one thousand shelter residents. 


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