Four Paws Gaza Crisis Emergency Response

Taken from Four Paws International, 14 Beacon Street # 706, Boston, MA 02108, Phone: 617-942-1233, Fax: 360-364-7347, Email:,

More than 80 [eighty] animals lost their lives during recent hostilities in the Gaza Strip that severely damaged the zoo in northern Gaza.

The more than 20 [twenty] zoo animals that remain are hanging onto life by a thread.  They have been left without food or water in crumbling enclosures… and they are in desperate need of medical care.

In the wake of the devastation, the zoo manager reached out to FOUR PAWS for emergency assistance.  And within days, we had our Rapid Response Emergency Team on the ground at the Gaza Zoo.

Words cannot describe what they found there. The destruction was overwhelming, the loss of life heartbreaking, and the condition of the surviving animals was desperate.

The FOUR PAWS emergency team, headed by Dr. Amir Khalil, with the help of local volunteers, delivered urgently needed medical supplies-including antibiotics, disinfectants, and de-worming medication– as well as food and clean water to the surviving animals.

One of the female lionesses is pregnant. Right now we are trying to save their lives. They are traumatized and sick, and we are not sure if all of them will make it.  The lions have to be moved to a safe location outside of Gaza, where they can begin their journey back to health.

The lioness is struggling to survive while expecting cubs. We are working around the clock to save each of them-this while providing emergency care to many other animals that are clinging to life.  Please help if you can. Thank you for your support that will save lives.

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