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Help fight Trump’s agenda of bigotry and hatred: Click here to find a community meeting near you!

Donald Trump is a grave threat to everything we stand for. He’s exploiting the deepest and darkest fears in our country.

So we’re building the movement to stop him. People like you are taking action to condemn Trump’s racist, misogynistic, xenophobic behavior. But now, we need you to take the next step.

Join an emergency community meeting to strategize how to fight back against Trump! Click here to find a meeting near you.

It has never been more important for us to come together — to stand against hate and injustice and to defend our democracy. 

In the last few weeks, so many of us have asked “What can I do?” Millions of Americans are now standing up and getting involved in stopping the dangerous far-right agenda — and working to build an America that works for all of us. People who have never gone to a protest before are taking to the streets. People who have attended community meetings are now organizing their friends and family to figure out how to fight back. 

We need to gather our forces at the local level — but at a national scale. We need to build a massive progressive force that will fight Trump’s extreme agenda of greed and hate every step of the way.

Attend a community meeting near you to help fight Trump’s agenda of bigotry and hatred!

There’s no question that Donald Trump’s Presidency will be a disaster for people and the planet. He’s appointed a White Supremacist to be his right-hand man. He’s nominated Jeff Sessions — whose racism caused Congress to deny him a federal judgeship — to lead the Justice Department. 

And he’s filling key government roles with corporate lobbyists who are more interested in enriching themselves or their friends than in protecting people or the planet. His top environmental advisor is a Big Oil crony and a climate denier.

Now is the time for we who fight for our environment and those who fight for social justice to stand together and take action. Together, we can build the strong movement we need to stand up for people and the planet every time they’re under threat.

Our best defense — and offense — is to come together as a community and fight back. Join a community meeting — or sign up to host one if there isn’t one near you!

Meeting hosts will be provided with all the tools they need to create a fruitful conversation on what people can do locally to fight back.

Standing with you,
Michelle Chan,

Vice president of programs, 
Friends of the Earth

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