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The USDA is supposed to protect our food system, not Big Ag’s profits. But instead, it’s working hard to suppress research that could hurt pesticide giants like Bayer and Syngenta.

Here’s what’s happening: Dr. Jonathan Lundgren, a senior scientist at the USDA, produced research that questioned the safety of bee-killing neonicotinoid pesticides. But the USDA is trying to bury those findings.

At Friends of the Earth, we’re working to shine a light on Big Ag’s dealings with the USDA. We’re calling on the Obama administration to investigate this censorship of bee-saving science. But we need your help!

Help push for an investigation of the USDA’s science censorship: Give $5 or more NOW!

This problem goes beyond Dr. Lundgren’s research. In fact, more than 10 scientists filed a formal petition last year detailing a pattern of harassment for simply doing their jobs.

These brave whistle-blowers claim that their work has been censored or suppressed for calling into question the safety of chemicals used widely in agriculture. These scientists all worked on issues related to bee-killing neonicotinoid pesticides or glyphosate (a.k.a. Roundup®) — a leading driver in monarch butterfly declines.

If the USDA is censoring and suppressing its own scientists who are calling into question the hazards of these dangerous pesticides, how can we expect it to implement policies that truly protect bees, butterflies, the environment, our health and our food system and not just the profits of the pesticide industry?

Fortunately, Friends of the Earth activists like you are fighting back. Last week, we delivered more than 140,000 of your petition signatures demanding the resignation of Dr. Catherine Woteki, the head of the department responsible for this.

The next step is to push for an investigation by the Government Accountability Office — the agency responsible for ensuring that agencies like the USDA act in the public interest. Already, more than 40,000 people like you have called for an investigation. We need to keep the pressure on — but we can’t do this alone!

Give $5 or more to Friends of the Earth and demand that our government stand up for science — not pesticide industry profits!

Of course, pesticide companies like Bayer have long been going to extreme lengths to protect their bee-killing products. This is just the latest example of the underhanded tactics they’re using to relentlessly protect their profits above all else.

Intimidation and harassment of USDA scientists doing critical research on pesticides can’t be tolerated. With your help, we’ll keep up the pressure until we can be sure that the agency serves the interests, health and safety of the American public.

Meanwhile, we’ll keep fighting to protect pollinators in communities around the country. We’ll turn up the heat on grocery retailers to help save bees. We’ll organize from Massachusetts to California to pass statewide legislation banning bee-killing pesticides. And we’ll keep working to support alternatives to the corporate-controlled, chemical-intensive food system.

We need to transition away from these harmful pesticides NOW in order to protect bees and all of us. Will you join us?

Give $5 or more to Friends of the Earth TODAY and help build a better food system that is healthy for people and the planet!

Standing with you,
Lisa Archer,
Food and technology program director,
Friends of the Earth

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