Get involved Be an Advocate for the Animals

Get involved Be an Advocate for the Animals

 Don’t Judge A Person By Their Color Or An Animal By Their Species


You can find your Congress member’s names and telephone numbers here:

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What You Can Do.  There is no better time to ask your U.S. Representatives and Senators to support important legislation. First make a quick call to each of your members of Congress in Washington D.C. letting them know you are an animal lover and support National Animal Advocacy Day which is April 30th of each year. At any time you can make a call to your members of Congress for any Animal Acts and Issues that you might be interested in, to let them know you support Humane Animal Acts and Welfare.  Tell them animals feel pain just like people do.  Be sure to also request updates about their actions on this and other animal protection legislation.

If you’ve never advocated for anyone human or animal and don’t know where to begin; please scroll down thru the photographs below and take a look. One person can make a big difference but as the old saying goes “there are safety in numbers”. Get other like minded individuals to join your cause and this alone can change world direction. Good luck!

1. Unsure & no idea what to do

2. Standing out from the crowd in a good way

3. Goals

4. Communication Negotiation

6. Assembly with groups of people

7. Team

8. Global teamwork

9. Teamwork training Team of people in the world

11. Networking

12. Diversified global network

13. People united holding hands

14. Working together

15. Success

16. New world direction