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I am just stunned by all the support Glory received from our community. Thank you for rallying around this girl and her cause! In the past week Glory’s recovery gained momentum. Today, Glory is well on her way to a happy, long life. She has received the initial medical treatment she needs (there will be more to come), she is now eating regularly and she is getting more playful and happy by the day as the photo above shows.

 This miraculous turnaround is all thanks to caring animal lovers like you. Just weeks ago Glory was found abandoned and left for dead. Her recent litter of puppies had not survived, and Glory was depressed, emaciated and listless. She didn’t even have the strength to stand to eat. Sweet Glory was at a crossroads between life and death…thanks to your support and the wonderful rescue experts in Detroit, Glory was given the opportunity to choose life. She still has a long road ahead – but we will make sure she receives all the medical treatment she needs. Thank you for helping her and thank you for allowing us to help many, many more through your generous gifts. You are what makes these amazing rescues and recoveries possible. I can’t thank you enough.

With endless appreciation,

Meredith Ayan
Executive Director

P.S. Glory is being well taken care of right now in a foster home. When she is healthy and strong she will be available for adoption. I am so excited to see her blossom, and can’t wait for her to find a loving forever home. I’ll keep you updated on her next chapter through Facebook. If you aren’t part of our Facebook community yet

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