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Less Than 24 Hours Until GMO Food Labeling Will be Law in Vermont!
Help make sure we have GMO labeling in all 50 statesWe’re hearing that Monsanto’s cronies in the Senate will try to vote next week to overturn Vermont’s GMO labeling law. Monsanto’s lobbyists can’t stop Vermont’s law from going into effect tomorrow, and we’re sending our staff to Capitol Hill to stand up to their attacks.Our donor who has been offering the matching gift for the last 6 days is so outraged by Monsanto that she’s doubling her offer today to encourage more people to stand with Food & Water Watch. Until midnight tonight she will match every new monthly gift 2-1 through the rest of 2016!Can you TRIPLE your impact by becoming a monthly Food & Water Partner today?

We Won't Let Monsanto Win

We must maintain constant vigilance to protect our democratically enacted laws. It will only take one act of Congress next week to lose the GMO labeling that we’re already seeing on food packages.

Tomorrow we can celebrate the Vermont law going into effect. But even with this milestone, it’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our work to create a just and fair food system that benefits us all, not only Monsanto and the Big Food companies. 

Here’s what long-term victory against Monsanto looks like:

  1. Stopping efforts to overturn the Vermont GMO labeling law which goes into effect tomorrow.
  2. Winning mandatory on-package labeling of genetically engineered ingredients in all 50 states.
  3. Halting the approval of all new genetically engineered foods and animals until a regulatory system that independently evaluates the impact on our health and the environment is in place.
  4. Adopting strong protections for organic and non-GMO farmers from predatory chemical companies like Monsanto, Syngenta, Dow and Dupont.
  5. Mobilizing a powerful movement that is ready to hold our elected officials and our government agencies accountable for protecting our health and the environment.

We know these victories will take time, which is why we need the dedicated support of our Food & Water Partners to fight back against Monsanto’s control of our food system. If you start your monthly gift by midnight tonight, your gift will be tripled by our generous donor!

Vermont’s law is a huge victory for us all. You and millions of people like you made this milestone possible, but it will need constant oversight to make sure it’s not snatched away by Monsanto and other big corporations that want to take away our right to know what we feed our families.

I hope you can start your monthly gift with us by midnight tonight to continue to build the movement for better food for us all.

Onward together,

Sarah A.

Sarah Alexander
Deputy Organizing Director
Food & Water Watch


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