Good Food For Your Pet Is A Must. We Are All What We Eat, Even Animals!

From Jean Furs 6-22-14

Your pet is always happy to join you in fun activities. Some are full of adventure and ready for that hiking or walking trail. Make sure they have the good food they need to get out and go by filling their bowl with wholesome, natural nutrition without By-Products. Animals have a mind a body and a spirit just like people do. Your pet needs all of the same things you do to be balanced and healthy.  Here is a summary below for their well being.

Emotional:   Pets thrive when they feel happy, secure and comfortable. This comes when they are getting plenty of love,affection and a safe home environment.

Mental:  Pets need plenty of opportunities to work and exercise their minds and develop problem-solving skills. This is achieved through activities designed to relieve boredom and increase learning.

Physical:  Pets should have proper nutrition, plenty of exercise, appropriate shelter for their needs and proper health care.  This is part of caring for an animal and providing for their inner and outer physical health. 

Social:  Keeping pets engaged and friendly in social situations will help them build healthier relationships with other animals and people.  This will make them feel more comfortable and confident around other pets and people.

In A Future Post I will write about:  Animal By-Products – What they are and what to do about them?

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