Grizzly Bears Are Endangered After 40 Years of Protection

KEENESBURG, CO - OCTOBER 20: A grizzly bear waits to be fed at The Wild Animal Sanctuary on October 20, 2011 in Keenesburg, Colorado. The non-profit sanctuary is a 720-acre refuge for large carnivores that have been confiscated from illegal or abusive situations and is currently home to over 290 lions, tigers, bears, wolves and other large carnivores. It is the oldest and largest carnivore sanctuary in the United States, having been in operation since 1980. On Tuesday the owner of a Zanesville, Ohio private animal reserve set loose 56 animals, of which 49 were hunted down and killed by law enforcement and six others were tranquilized and are being treated at the Columbus Zoo. (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

Why do we want to hunt a bear that isn’t bothering anyone, and keeping a balance of life in their hunting areas the way it should be?  Can humans be that stupid, self centered and greedy?  By Jean Furs

For over 40 years there have been federal protections on Yellowstone grizzly bears. Trump’s new Interior secretary Ryan Zinke says that it’s been so successful it’s time we end that crap and let some shooting start!

Grizzlies in all continental U.S. states except Alaska have been protected under the Endangered Species Act since 1975, when just 136 bears roamed in and around Yellowstone. There are now an estimated 700 grizzlies in the area that includes northwestern Wyoming, southwestern Montana and eastern Idaho, leading the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to conclude that the population has recovered.

“This achievement stands as one of America’s great conservation successes,” Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke said in a statement.

Let’s sell some grizzly hunting licenses!

The final ruling by the Fish and Wildlife Service to remove Yellowstone grizzlies from the list of endangered and threatened species will give jurisdiction over the bears to Montana, Idaho and Wyoming by late July.

That will allow those states to plan limited bear hunts outside the park’s boundaries as long as the overall bear population does not fall below 600 bears. Wyoming and Montana are unlikely to hold hunts this year, state officials said. Idaho officials said it is too early to discuss a possible hunting season.

Let’s put this into perspective. Before trapping and hunting decimated the grizzly populations in North America, there were around 50,000. Now we just want to make sure the population doesn’t get below 600 in a state. Some of the groups opposing grizzly trophy hunting are Native American tribes who hold the grizzly up as a sacred animal. The AP says this ruling should not affect populations that are still classified as “threatened.”

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