Happier Owners & Pets

7 Steps To  A Happier Pet

  1. Have a heart, be smart and make sure your pet is spayed and neutered.
  2. Make sure your pet wears a collar and current identification tag, and consider having your pet microchipped to enable him to be returned to you if he loses his collar.
  3. To prevent animal behavioral problems, make sure you enroll your new puppy or dog in behavioral training classes.
  4. Animal behavioral problems can be health-related. Make sure your pet has a complete medical exam by a veterinarian at least once a year.
  5. Prepare for disasters. Make sure you have a plan for your pet in the event of a hurricane, tornado, fire or flood.
  6. Plan for your pet’s future in case something happens to you and visit www.humansociety.org/petsinwills for more information.
  7. Learn how to avoid dog bites, and how to prevent your dog from biting, by going to www.humansociety.org/avoidbites.