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Wild horses need your help.

In Louisiana, the Army is currently planning to remove roughly 700 wild horses from the state’s historic Fort Polk and Kisatchie National Forest areas. And in California, ranchers are suing to have hundreds of wild horses removed from Devil’s Garden, an area of Modoc National Forest. In both cases we’re concerned that the horses’ “removal” will ultimately end in their slaughter — and we need your help to stop it.

Make a gift to the Animal Legal Defense Fund today and together we can fight for animals like these in court.

Both of these situations require the Animal Legal Defense Fund’s animal law expertise to be successful. We have filed a motion to intervene in the California lawsuit and we are assisting attorneys who are fighting for the horses in Louisiana.

Because of the difficulty of re-homing horses who have been wild for generations, our fear is that the animals who cannot be successfully re-homed will simply be killed.

Give Now to Protect Wild Horses

We must stand up for animals like these when those in power decide they are no longer convenient. Support the Animal Legal Defense Fund with a special gift today and you can help defend all animals.

For the animals,

Stephen Wells, Executive Director

Stephen Wells
Executive Director

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