Help Animals in Community

 8 Ways to Help Animals in Your Community:

  1. Learn how to report animal cruelty.
    Keep a list of people, including a humane law enforcement officer, animal shelter or your veterinarian, who can help you report animal cruelty.
  2. Start a neighborhood watch program.
    Get to know the animals in your neighborhood and invite your friends and neighbors to do the same. Together you can keep an eye out for any suspicious behaviors – abuse and neglect of companion animals or the mistreatment of local wildlife.
  3. Clean up for wildlife.
    Birds, mammals and reptiles are often injured or killed by the trash we throw away. Help implement a cleanup and recycling plan in your community by organizing weekend trash cleanups in local parks, roadsides and forests.
  4. Help your neighbors help their animals.
    If you see a neighbor in need, offer to assist – walk his dog, help with feeding, clean litter boxes, groom animals, pick up pet food and other supplies if you are financially able to do so. Help drive a neighbor with their pet to the veterinarian, etc.
  5. Start a pet food bank.Volunteer your time to help distribute much-needed pet food to food banks in your community or start a pet food bank if you don’t already have one.
  6. Volunteer at your local shelter or animal rescue organization.Walk dogs, organize fundraising events, or consider fostering animals in your home.
  7. Join Team ASPCA and fundraise for animals.
    Create your own grassroots events and invite friends and family to become sponsors on behalf of the ASPCA. Run a marathon for animals, plan a pet parade or have an orange bake sale to raise funds for any animal organization that benefits animals of your choice. You can learn more at
  8. Become an animal activist.
    Join the ASPCA Advocacy Brigade and start taking an active role in improving the lives of animals. By joining you will receive important alerts when the need help to fight for laws against animal cruelty. Sign up at