Help Ban Gas Chambers for Dogs & Cats

Taken from The American Humane Association, 1400 16th St. NW. Suite 360, Washington, DC 20036, 1-866-242-1877, www.american

All states are still using Gas Chambers to kill dogs and cats in overcrowded shelters around the United States.

When a dog or cat enters the gas chamber and the door is sealed the carbon monoxide gas causes deaths that can be slow and painful, especially for medium-sized and larger dogs.

Unlike other methods that allow animals to peacefully go to sleep, gassing causes the organs to shut down before the animals lose consciousness.  The dogs and cats panic, crying and scrambling with terror in their last moments of life.  No dog or cat should experience this pain and suffering.

The President [Dr. Robin Ganzert] has made a promise to keep working on this issue until every state in American bans the use of gas chambers for euthanasia.

The gassing of dogs and cats is inhumane and needs to be stopped. Please support our efforts to make gassing illegal in America so that no dog or cat has to suffer such pain.

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